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#2686: Any religion that doesn't like dogs....

I've said it before, but islam hates dogs. I don't trust people who hate dogs.

* * *

"Why do 3 supporters own Obama's home?"

Here's the thing: when you own a house--even if the house is in trust--you have to pay the property taxes on it. When you are buying a house (through, say, a mortgage) you have to pay the property taxes on it. That's just how it is. can Obama get away with owning a house and having other people pay the property taxes?

Oh, wait, I know this: it's in Chicago, and he's got a little "(D)" after his name. Gotcha.

* * *

This is a neat bit from Japan about old tsunami warning markers.

* * *

Rising sea levels have resulted in the discovery of 657 new islands. I guess the islands are rising faster than sea levels and it's ALL BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING!!!!111111

* * *

Yesterday, I splurged on something.

See, I figured that I'm starting a job next week, so I could probably get away with spending a little money on something that wasn't strictly necessary, and so I bought a Trio T2800 MP3 player.

It was $30 plus tax at CompUSA. I did not exactly break the bank to buy the thing.

This unit's main advantage is having a touch screen that lets me look at a list of songs and go right to the one I want to listen to. That's a pretty big advantage when you're talking about a device with 200+ songs on it.

The sound quality is...okay. I think my GPX cheapie may sound better. The Trio has a five-band equalizer and I'm still dialing it in, so it may end up sounding better. One minus is that I get distortion from heavy bass, something the GPX NEVER did. I could hear the bass very well but it never distorted, so it wasn't a case of "too little bass". So far I've had to turn the bass down to keep it from distorting, which makes the music sound too tinny, but--again--I'm still dialing in the equalizer.

The touch screen is not as sensitive as I'd like, and the buttons/sliders are all too small for an adult finger; I had to resort to using a toothpick. The interface would work well on a 5" screen, but on a 2.8" screen it's a bit too small.

Another downside: it's rechargeable, rather than using standard batteries. You recharge it via its USB connector.

It has a MicroSD card slot, so you can expand its memory. I haven't tried to put video on it, and I probably won't, nor will I try the "ereader" function.

But I played with it for about an hour and a half last night, and I think it's a pretty decent unit, all told, especially for $30.

* * *

I had a quick gander at the CompUSA store yesterday. It used to occupy two levels, but the lower level is blocked off and the upper level is only partially populated. It's not really a "superstore" any longer, that's for sure.

They had various motherboards and processors for sale, and a row of cases and other computer parts; I could have assembled a decent WoW machine with about half an hour's worth of shopping and it probably wouldn't have cost more than $500 or so.

AMD processors (and motherboards for same) are pretty inexpensive. They've got one combo--admittedly a low-end machine--that they sell for $120 out the door. It's a quad-core processor, though, running at 2.4 GHz.

Heck, let's just build a machine around that combo from the circular I picked up at the store:
Mobo and processor: $120
2 TB hard drive: $80
Case & PS: $85
1 4 GB DIMM: $50
Video card: $70
CD-R/DVD-R: $20
Total: $425

Mail in rebates total: $40 ($20 mobo+proc; $10 video card; $10 memory)

Mouse and keyboard: $40 (depending on what you want/need)
Cheap monitor: $100

End total: $525

...of course you still need to buy an OS, but you could get Linux on the thing for nothing just by downloading it. Then you've got an entire new machine for under $600 with tax. If all you need is a CPU, then it's $385 plus tax. And you could probably do it even cheaper by shopping a bit more and perhaps buying some parts other places.

This would not be the ultimate gaming machine, mind you, but with a processor like that it would have to be pretty fair dinkum for most tasks. Hell, my laptop has a dual-core processor running at 2 GHz and it runs WoW fine; the video card is the bottleneck, not the processor.

There really isn't any excuse for running old junk anymore, is there? Except laziness/inertia/Obamanomics?

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