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#2687: Quantum teleportation.

Exactly as I said it could be accomplished: place something in superposition, separate the states, then decide which state to resolve into.

The "something" in question was a bunch of photons, so don't get in line for Scotty to beam you up. You'll be waiting a long time if you do.

* * *

Obama wants an investigation of high gas prices!

I wonder if he'll decide we need price controls? Welcome back, Carter!

* * *

Worm's got a rant about baby boomers. I can't blame him.

* * *

As for me, I finally got around to watching some anime.

This morning I got up around 9-ish, had a shave and shower, then hit the bank for the third day this week to deal with the tax thing.

Let me ask you: if I provide you with information like the following, what would you do?
Lastly, the checking account numbers. I've inserted text to keep any
malware/spyware/snoopers from finding the numbers; all you have to do is
remove the text.

Routing Number: 0123BARLGLE45678
Account number: 98769HUZFZAH54
Would you remove only the text from the first number, or would you remove the text from both numbers before trying to do a wire transfer? (Obviously I've removed the actual account number and substituted sequential digits.)

Yeah, me too; my sister-in-law didn't. So I went to the bank on Tuesday, then called them on Wednesday, and then went again today, in order to straighten out that mess.

It gets worse; I had to move more money out of my savings account and into the checking account because of how she did things, and now I've got to sweat getting a check from my sister in LA before I can pay my medical insurance. It's either that, or take even more money from my IRA. Argh etc.

So once I get that check, it's yet another trip to the bank; but I don't think I'll have to go in for that one. I hope not.

Anyway, so then I came home and had breakfast (leftover KFC from last night's dinner) and blogged; I was going to either play WoW or watch anime, but ended up taking a nap instead. The problem was, I'd woken up around 2 AM and had ended up tossing and turning for more than an hour and a half, worrying about the job, and my crazy sister from Maine, and-and-and--so I slept badly and woke up feeling rotten.

By the time I lay down it was after 1...and I slept until 6. Shit. Dinner was ravioli--I had to make pasta sauce though--and then finally I watched anime.

Rio--Rainbow Gate is growing on me. Sure, it's stupid, but it's not any more stupid than a whole bunch of other series I've liked. The fan service makes me happy.

Infinite Stratos has finally had the first bad guy show up. I think I know what's going on, and actually I hope I'm wrong, but it'd be a spoiler for me to explain it.

WTF: I think it's Shinonono's sister, who disappeared, who figured out how to make IS cores respond to machine inputs. She's the only one in the world who can make IS cores, after all.

Kaichou-wa Maid Sama, Fairy Tail, and Kimi ni Todoke 2 all continue to be awesome. Ep 4 of KnT2 finally got back to the feeling of the first season; it was really enjoyable.

* * *

One annoying thing about the Trio T2800: when you shut it off, it forgets your settings. So every time I use it, I have to switch the equalizer to "USER" and reset the sliders to the settings I want and turn the volume down to a sane level.

It doesn't remember what song you were playing, nor does it remember your settings; and everything returns to default when it's switched off. How annoying.

That's enough of an irritation for me to say DON'T BUY THIS KIND OF MP3 PLAYER. The damn thing has four gigabytes of flash RAM in it; if it can't remember your settings, it's clearly not ready for prime time.

This isn't a cheap-jack player, either; it's regular retail price is $70. If this is the design philosophy of Mach Speed, I wouldn't want to buy any of their products.

The GPX remembers everything even through a battery change, for crying out loud.

Looking at the manual, it provides an e-mail address for tech support. I'll ask them WTF is going on.

* * *

So it's been a week since I heard from the owner of #2. In our last conversation we set salary and starting date; he was going to coordinate with his son (operations manager) and contact me the next day...and never did. It's been a week.

I just sent an e-mail to the operations manager to see if I can get any further information--or if I'm even starting on Monday after all. WTF.

I have to say, this...lackadaisical...approach does not exactly inspire confidence. It makes me wonder how much buy-in the owner has to the idea of me working there. I know they're busy people, but there's a limit (or should be) to how busy you can be. Isn't there?

Well, I guess I'll find out WTF the deal is next week, anyway.

* * *

Man, at least the freakin' sun was shining today. I nearly bowed down before the Eye of Stratos before I remembered what it was. ("Eye of Stratos" is what the denizens of the world of Ultima VIII: Pagan call their rarely-seen sun.)

The weather is still chilly, of course, and it's not going to warm up much before next week, when I'm working. *sigh*

Looks like they finally fixed the weather radar station near here, anyway; the feed on Weather Underground was down for the longest time "for maintenance". There was a blurb in the "weather information" text box about the thing throwing its transmission, and it apparently requires a 5-man team of specialists to repair. Wouldn't you love to have that job? "Yeah, we'll fix your radar for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! Ahh ha ha ha ha ha!"

* * *

With the new air filter, the Jeep got 16 MPG. I guess 16 is the new "normal" for my truck. It was 18, before the TPS went sour. I still have the old one; maybe I could clean it and put it back in, and get 18 MPG again...?

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