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#2688: "Earth Day"--bleah.

Kind of amazing to see this coming from the funny pages:

The idea that humans can possibly have any effect on Earth is not exactly politically correct, if you know what I mean.

* * *

Boeing is engaging in "union busting" by trying to put a plant somewhere other than Washington State. That's the position of the commies over at the National Labor Relations Board, anyway.

AoSHQ's take on it. "'Freedom'? Never heard of it."

Of course the union doesn't like it: for one thing, the new plant is 3,000 miles away and just a little outside their jurisdiction. Neither article says, but I'd wager that South Carolina is a "right to work" state, which means that people employed at a union facility don't have to join the union (and don't have to pay dues to the union).

The union is operating under--shall we say--an unusual interpretation of the law. They claim that Boeing's establishing a nonunion plant in another state is "threatening and/or penalizing" workers for collective bargaining. The NLRB bought the argument.

I fail to see how any reasonable court could allow this nonsense to stand. If the NLRB has this kind of veto over private business and its plans, where does the government's power end?

* * *

These DOOM! posts at Ace of Spades really save me a lot of time and effort. Instead of having to link articles and write comments, I just do one link and say, "This is why I think we're screwed."

But energy prices trigger recessions and I've been saying and saying that the most recent (current!) recession was sparked by perilously high energy prices in 2008.
Of the six US recessions since 1970, all but the "9-11 year 2001 recession" have been linked to--if not triggered by--energy prices that crossed the 6 percent of personal consumption expenditures, he said. (During the shallow 2001 recession, energy prices had risen to about 5 percent of spending, which is higher than the long-term 4 percent share.)
The "9/11 recession" was triggered by having our entire air transport infrastructure sitting idle for two days.

Energy is a necessity, and our sitting President campaigned on making energy more expensive. His policies have done nothing but; and now everyone is acting shocked and surprised that energy costs more: "Ho-lee shit! No one told me gas was going to cost $5 per gallon!"


* * *

Welp: I sent an e-mail to #2 last night, and got my answers. I start work at 8 AM on Monday the 25th.

I'm going to have fun!

* * *

The Trio T2800--after all my complaining yesterday--seems to have retained the settings I inputted the previous time I used it. I listened to a bit of music before bed, and everything was as I'd left it.

The difference, I think, was that this time I had paused playback and exited from the player pane to the "desktop" before shutting the thing off. That might be the crucial missing step.

The other possibility is that it may reset all that stuff when you plug it into a USB port to transfer media to it. That would be annoying but less egregious.

* * *

Here's what a googol looks like:


You're on your own for a googolplex.

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