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#2689: I feel a bit better

Rain is predicted every day next week. So it won't be warm and sunny while I'm slaving away at #2, trying to demonstrate how invaluable I am.

It was also a nice and warm day today, so I was able to open doors and windows and air the place out again. I hit the driveway long enough to do some minor car maintenance tasks that I've been putting off due to inclement weather.

There's no way in hell the grass is going to get cut before next Saturday at the earliest. The back yard is a swamp after all the rain we got yesterday. And if it does indeed rain every day next week, the back yard will continue to be a swamp and the grass won't get cut next weekend, either. I'm glad I got it cut when I did!

The creeks were just about to overflow their banks when I went to get Chinese for dinner last night. It turned out to be during a relatively short break in the rain, because more thunderstorms rolled through after dark.'s normal for the back yard closest to the house to be swampy after a lot of rain. That's one reason I have the problem with the window well flooding. But the east 40 is swampy; I'm talking about ground which is above the level of the immediate back yard. Fortunately the easement is higher still; otherwise all that water would probably be in my basement.

Right now they're just predicting clouds for tomorrow; but then--Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday--all have rain in the forecast, at varying probabilities. And the extended forecast says rain is possible on Friday, too.

So the back yard will be squishy for the foreseeable future.

* * *

Obama is his own worst enemy. His policies are leading to higher gas and food prices.

AP may well change this article by the time you read this post so here's the headline as it is at post time: "Costly gasoline clouds Obama re-election prospects".
"These gas prices are killing you right now," Obama said at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, acknowledging that many Americans can't afford new fuel-efficient cars and must drive older models.. For some, he said, the cost of a fill-up has all but erased the benefit of the payroll tax holiday that he and congressional Republicans agreed on last December.

On Saturday, Obama insisted in his radio and Internet address that the best answer is a long-term drive to develop alternatives to fossil fuel. He also renewed calls to end $4 billion in subsidies for oil and gas companies. "Instead of subsidizing yesterday's energy sources," he said, "we need to invest in tomorrow's."
Beautiful! Brilliant! "We need to invest in tomorrow's energy sources!" Ending subsidies for energy companies will make fuel even more expensive, you twit!

"Develop alternatives to fossil fuel"--why don't Democrats just go for broke and promise antigravity and perpetual motion? You can't schedule technological advances and the only way to force the development of alternatives to fossil fuels is to spend a lot of money on research. I'm talking "Manhattan Project" levels by proportion since the Manhattan Project was financed with 1940s' dollars, not 2010s' dollars, and dollar are worth just a little bit less now than they were 70 years ago. Even if you ended those energy subsidies and funneled all four billion into research it wouldn't do any good ever.

Throw a few hundred billion into "alternative fuel" research and you will get some kind of results from it. You will probably not get much in the way of good alternatives to fossil fuels, but something good would come from it. It's impossible to predict what, exactly, it would be; but basic research always pays dividends and reasearch into "alternative fuels" would yield plenty of benefits.

Of course, the US doesn't have "a few hundred billion" to spend on funding such research. The US can't afford to spend what it's spending now.

What we need to do to fix the high cost of energy--right now--is simple, and can be expressed in three sentences:
1) Start drilling for oil and exploiting our domestic energy sources.
2) Start building new refineries--lots of them.
3) Start building nuclear reactors--lots of them.
Obama doesn't care if gas costs a lot; in fact, this is what he wants and he's wanted it all along; he campaigned on increasing energy prices.

What he doesn't want is to pay the price, politically, for high energy prices. He wants people to accept that he feels their pain and give him credit for caring, and not blame him for the high cost of gasoline even though many of his policies are to blame.

It's not looking good.

* * *

You know, I watched the playlist today, but I think I'm going to watch another set of eps. It's 10 PM right now and that'll mean going to bed around midnight, but WTF; this is my last weekend of freedom before I begin my new career in robotics. God knows if I'll even feel like watching anime at all this coming week, or if I'll just go home and collapse.

Better enjoy it while I can!

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