atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2690: Holy crap am I tired

Woke up at 4:36 AM and actually got out of bed at 4:50. From that point on, it was go go go go go go go go go go....

It's 12 hours later now. I'm exhausted.

Actual robotics work: 20 min. Mechanical work: 7 hours.

...I'm setting up a robot cell, which means locating, drilling, and tapping holes in a machine base. It's basically a plate of 1" steel that's maybe 8' on a side, supported roughly 3' off the floor, and covered in factory cruft.

I'm really hoping that this gets easier, because I don't know if I can keep doing it if it's just as hard as a day at Target all the time. Of course it is my first day back in a real job since July of 2009, so some unusual fatigue is to be expected. Besides, I had to take a Xanax to get to sleep last night; I'm sure that didn't help any.

Speaking of work at the old shithole, it turns out I could have worn one of the old red shirts from that job--and should have--because it's damn dirty work. My plan right now is to shower tonight and not shower in the morning, because I'll just have to shower again tomorrow night when I'm done with work. And wear a crappy shirt to work tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm also going to ask if sweatpants would be verboten, because I'd rather ruin a $10 pair of sweatpants than a $30 pair of jeans. I really hope the factory cruft comes out of the pants I wore today; it's the only pair of jeans I have that fits me well.

* * *

With what?? House bill telling NASA to have a moonbase by 2021.

How are they going to get it there? Wish real hard? Constellation/Ares got cancelled. Well, maybe FalconX can do it....

* * *

Blargh. I need a shower and food, and I won't get either as long as I'm sitting here blogging. Later!

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