atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#269: More about Girls' High

denbeste comments:

"You weren't grossed out by the pile of trimmed pubic hair in the girl's dressing room? Yikes!"

Steven, to make it even scarier for you, there's a scene in episode five where Yuna-chan tweezes Ayano-chan's pubic hair before swimming class.

But as for me, to answer the question, no, I wasn't grossed out by it. (Besides, the presence of the pair of tweezers would suggest they were tweezed out, not "trimmed"--but now I'm just being pedantic. Still, ow.)

When I got laid off from my cushy airline industry-related job in the wake of 9/11, I needed something to pay the bills--and that "something" ended up being working as a Certified Nurse's Aide (or "Assistant") in a nursing home.

My clinicals had been enough to show me that I had a stronger stomach that I had previously thought I'd had. Up until then I had been worried about my ability to handle such a job; you deal with a lot of bodily functions which are normally safely out of sight and I had previously had no reason to have any confidence in the strength of my stomach. But at the nursing home that hired me, on my first day, I saw a piece of feces come out of a bedridden resident which was--I wish I was exaggerating but this is God's truth!--four inches in diameter and seven inches long, and the smell....

And that didn't gross me out. (The smell made me gag, though.)

What's a little bit of pubic hair next to that?

My stomach is certainly not invincible. I don't go looking for horrible images and I don't enjoy disgusting things. But after working seven months in a nursing home, a little pubic hair on some paper towels isn't anything.

So my reaction to that scene in Girls' High was, "Yeah, I guess Yuna-chan is right--high school girls can be just as piggy as boys can."

I don't know if that has anything to do with my enjoyment of the series. I don't think any of this is too bad; but then maybe my yardstick is a bit skewed. Right, no "maybe" about it...ha ha.

Wow, there's even a Wikipedia article about this stuff. The things you discover when you forget character names. I'm going to have to try to get ahold of the manga....

And Ubu Roi comments, among other things:

"So, in brief, I vote for "you have no taste." ;-P

(Of course, I'm saying I think _Dokuro-chan_ is better, so my opinion may be cracked.)"

I haven't seen Dokuro-chan. Maybe I should look that up next.

In general I like slice-of-life series. The series which got me into manga was Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku which has no aliens, time travel, martial arts, etc etc, in it--and even though I know it by heart I re-read it once in a while. (The anime is a not-so-good adaptation but it's fair enough.)

My biggest complaint with His and Her Circumstances was the Gainax crash-and-burn ending. I'm a huge Marmalade Boy fan. I even liked Princess Nine.

I don't enjoy samurai or ninja anime at all.

Lately, having seen what others say about things I like, I've begun to wonder if I really do have no taste, or what? I used to make fun of my ex-girlfriend for wanting to buy every series which had a person carrying a sword on the box, but maybe I'm just as bad (only with a different genre). Well, I can live with that.

As for Girls' High, I've seen it through episode 9, and I've enjoyed it. The series has the ability to make me laugh even when I see the joke coming, and that's a rarity for me. The story has a reasonable re-watch factor. It's not going to get anywhere near my "top ten" list of anime series, but it's entertaining and the characters are likable.

It's been taking such a long time to download, convert, and burn the files that I've also dug into my stack of commercial DVDs this week, and I started watching

Someday's Dreamers

So far I've seen the first 8 episodes of it. The first few minutes of the first episode had me worried, because it was looking far too "artistic" for my tastes...but thankfully the faux-Gainax moment passed and left me with an average-looking series.

As Steven Den Beste says here, it's a gentle series with a really good story, and I have enjoyed it. (I have enjoyed it much more than I'm enjoying Girls' High--so see, I do have good taste.) It's one of those series where I must exercise will power, else I will end up watching it all at one sitting.

And I need to get the OST for it, too. I don't care for the OP theme but the BGM is good.

Thanks for reading, guys! :D

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