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#2694: The back yard is still squishy

I think I'm going to cut the front yard, and I might be able to do the east 40 with the tractor later this afternoon, but the middle part of the back yard is a swamp.


* * *

We're learning a lot about electromagnetic coupling of planets and moons from the various probes sent to the outer solar system.

The relative strengths of bodies' magnetic fields may play a role in global temperature. See also "extended solar minimum" and "cooling oceans on Earth".

* * *

Don't touch an armadillo unless you know it's not a carrier of leprosy. WTF.

Oh...well, at least wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching one. You have about a 1% chance of contracting the disease from them: if the amadillo you're petting is one of the 20% that's infected, and you're one of the 5% of humans who is actually susceptible to the disease, you might get leprosy.

...I guess some people eat them. Wear rubber gloves when you skin the animal and wash all your implements with soap and water, and cook it thoroughly.

Making "armadillo jerky" is probably a bad idea.

* * *

Wal-Mart is going to sell guns again! Wow, that'll be cool. I can't wait to go over to Wal-Mart and have a gander at what they've got there. I doubt I'll buy anything, though, since they only sell long guns and they're not likely to sell a .30 carbine that I'd like.

I still want the one I saw at Cabela's, with the built-in bayonet. That would freak some people right the F out. (You know the type. "OH MY GOD THAT MAN HAS A GUN WITH A KNIFE ATTACHED! RUN AWAY! Heh.)

* * *

Ace talks about the propensity for lefties to exploit any and all tragedies to advance their agendas. I was kidding Wednesday when I made my comment about global warming causing more tornados, but I forgot that my "they can't possibly be this bad" attitude is inevitably shown to be incorrect. They are usually worse, and my parody ends up being not-funny because it's too true-to-life, and not an exaggeration as I had hoped.

* * *

Also, Ace discusses Obama's biggest triumph of the year: he released his birth certificate! It's much sarcasm about how the mainstream media is trumpeting Obama's release of his birth certificate as some kind of brilliant strategic move.

* * *

Rod Adams offers some basic lessons learned from Chernobyl:
* Do not allow poorly trained operators anywhere near the controls of a nuclear energy facility.
* Do not override safety systems without detailed procedures and careful, well-qualified supervision.
* Do not build reactors that can be put into a situation where actions that normally reduce power can actually result in a rapid power increase.
* Build a sufficient defense in depth to prevent massive, rapid radioactive material releases.
Yeah, that makes sense, doesn't it?

* * *

Weaker dollar means "inflation" and I don't know why everyone is so hesitant to say so.

Of course, the dollar is weakening against other currencies; and the relative strength of a fiat currency is determined by the general strength of the economy behind it as well as how quickly new units of that currency are being printed. The US government has removed the speed limiters from the printing presses and turned the motors up as high as they'll go--and the result is a weaker currency.

Inflation, in other words.

* * *

I think I'm going back to bed for a few more hours before I even try to cut any grass. I'm practically nodding off at the computer, here.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night--same as every other day this week--because I just felt too damn tired to do anything but. I ended up waking up around midnight, though, because I kept snoring myself awake; finally I took a Xanax. I slept until about 6 AM; hit the can, gave the cats their treats, and went back to bed until noon. And I'm still sleepy. Of course: Xanax.

The bare minimum is to get the front grass cut, and I can do that with the pusher. No one will be that upset if the back lot doesn't get cut this week; and if the village complains about it, I'll tell 'em, "Look, it rained like the Flood for more than a week. If I try to cut that, my tractor will get stuck and leave some very unsightly ruts in the sod. I'll cut it after it gets dry enough that I don't ruin the lawn."

I sure as hell ain't gonna cut that lot with the pusher, I'll tell you that, self-propelled or not.

* * *

The Trio T2800 proved to be a very good music source when I'm driving a long way. I found that if I set its EQ to "normal" I could turn the car stereo up quite far and get some serious bass from it without distortion. There were a couple of Kansas tracks that had me saying, "Jeeze!" and turning down the volume.

I'll have to try it with the ambient stuff, of course, but if I'm commuting I expect to have plenty of opportunity to try it. I'll need, in fact, to get a power source for the thing, to keep it charged up while I'm driving.

I guess it's a good thing the Jeep's got two "power points" up front....

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