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#2696: It's a nice Sunday

...and here I am.

I was going to link to an AoSHQ post about the White House Press Corps (WHPC) dinner being a Trump roast rather than an Obama roast, but I realized that there isn't much I can say about it. What do you expect? Obama's a narcissist; if anyone says anything bad about him, he gets angry. Trump's a much safer target: he doesn't have the power to cut off all press access to him and his operation.

Not to mention that all your "fellow travelers" won't mob you for "being too harsh".

* * *

Lefties just love China! They don't have a single bad word to say about it. When they talk about pollution, they never mention China; when they talk about atrocities, China's not even mentioned.

Then people wonder why I don't watch television. Sheesh.

* * *

These two bits are related, though, by a common thread: leftists don't like the truth being told about them.

In the case of political humor, it works best when there's an element of truth in it. Sure, a liberal can make a joke about a conservative that has no truth to it whatsoever and get a laugh from his liberal audience--a "I-agree-with-you-so-I'm-laughing" type of laugh--but it's not a genuinely funny joke anyone would enjoy; it's just an insult disguised as satire. ("Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot", for example.)

But leftists hate it when the truth is told about them, because the truth is frequently very, very unflattering. You can't point out something about Obama in a humorous way to a liberal and get a laugh; you'll get vitriol and anger and hate.

You can't go to China and film a travelogue and then talk about tanks in Tiannemen Square, or the wretched living conditions of 75% of the population there, or remind anyone of the atrocities committed by the communists.

Obama and China use similar tactics: if you make us mad, we'll cut off all your access to us. The travelogue filmmakers that talk about the bloodiness of communism aren't allowed to return to China; the reporter that asks inconvenient questions is removed from the White House press pool. These are tactics which would leave liberals howling for blood if any of their opponents did it; but when their guys do it, it's perfectly acceptable behavior.

The American press is shilling for Obama by not covering these things when they happen. The one bright spot was when Obama tried to exclude Fox News and the press said, "If Fox isn't here, the rest aren't either," but that was a big and obvious attempt by Obama to exclude an entire outlet, not just one reporter. (And the press corps is smart enough to realize that if they let a President get away with excluding one outlet, what's to stop him from excluding another?)

As for Trump--by making Trump the focus of the WHPC dinner, Obama once again demonstrates his ineptitude by elevating an enemy to his level. (He did it with Palin, too, I might add.)

All of this serves to demonstrate how weak they are. They may have a lot of political power, but at their cores, they're weak if they can't bear to hear a contrary word spoken.

* * *

Since I got back from Rantoul, my machine has been misbehaving.

WoW is loading very slowly; it takes more than 2 minutes to go to a login screen from the time I click "play" at the launcher. There's some other weird behavior which makes me think there might be a trojan on the system, though I'm switched if I can figure out where the hell it came from.

Well, it's not going to fix itself. And I have to do the shopping today, and I've got other things do to as well. Later.

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