atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2705: THAT is how it's supposed to taste!

The first batch of stroganoff in the new crock pot tastes good, the way it's supposed to. A good artist never blames his tools, but that old crock pot ruined two or three batches of this stuff for me; I'm glad I tossed it and got a new one.

And c'mon, it's not like it broke the bank: seventeen bucks.

* * *

Incidentally, the Jeep hit 100,000 shortly after I got onto I-57 to come home yesterday. Now it's over 100,125 already. And it looks like she's getting about 20 MPG on the highway, which is not stellar but manageable.

I didn't get the Escort insured today, and for a little while I thought that meant I'd be waiting until next weekend to do that...but I realized while I was on my way to the store that there is this miraculous device known as the telephone which--coupled with that other modern miracle, the debit card--will allow me to defy time and space and purchase car insurance at a distance.

Is this twenty-first century an amazing time, or what?

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