atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2707: Damn duplicate posts!

Screw it, I'll make a new one.

It's 7:20 PM and I'm done bathing, so all I need now is to get into bed by 8.


No one said it would be easy.

...but it shouldn't be impossible; all kinds of people do this kind of thing, so why can't I? Average people, I mean; I can't throw a ball like a pro baseball player but most people cannot--and there are plenty of average people with long commutes, many thousands of times more than there are star pitchers.

If I can't master a task of average difficulty, what does that say about me?

As predicted, though, I'm wide f-ing awake now. My ass dragged all afternoon, to the point that I was falling asleep while playing WoW; but I gamely soldiered on, refusing to nap, refusing even to lie down, because bedtime's at 8 PM--and now that it's getting close to bedtime, whoa! I'm rarin' to go! I've got energy!


It would be a lot easier to do this if my own goddamned metabolism wasn't against me.

* * *

I finished reading Lovely Complex again today.

I have to wonder about Seiko. Okay, he's gay and a transvestite, and is convinced that he's a girl in a boy's body; what's more, he looks like a girl, particularly when he takes care to dress and wear makeup like one, and has a girly voice.

In the last volume, several characters are shown to be staring at his chest; they're at the beach and Seiko is wearing a pareo with a bikini top. (The skirt-like pareo hides the bulge, if you know what I mean.) (And I think you do.) Presumably--based on the incredulous stares--he now has breasts...but since the story is not about cross-dressing or ladyboys there's no information given on how Seiko has grown boobs.

At that point--the end of the series--Seiko's a junior in high school and must be about 17 years old. People over the age of 14 can own property and do other things in Japan so there's no reason he couldn't have gone and gotten hormones even if his parents didn't approve of his weirdness. (No mention of his parents, or their thoughts on how their son lives his life, is ever made.) That would account for the boobs, and it would be cheaper and less invasive than getting implants.

Prior to that, Seiko was never shown in swimwear. He has no breasts when the big reveal comes around in about episode 5 (book 3 IIRC) but plenty of Japanese women are flat-chested; all he has to do is to hide his manly pecs and no one will be the wiser. But you obviously can't do that when wearing a bikini top, now can you? His male-ness becomes obvious when he takes his shirt off in that scene.

Oh well. It's not really my problem.

* * *

I didn't turn on the TV all weekend. I didn't watch any anime; I played WoW and read, mostly, around the various chores I did.

It's going to take some getting used to. Since January of 2007 I have not lacked for free time; working part-time and taking care of Mom didn't restrict my free time nearly as much as this job does.

It's not just being there eight hours a day, and even if you add in the commute it's still not the whole problem: the problem is, I have to go to bed unnaturally early (for me) and that's what really gets me.

Staying at a hotel down there, if I'm in bed by 10 I'll average about 7 hours' worth of sleep. Going to bed by 9 is better; but it's about an hour and a half for food and bathing, and that leaves you less than four hours a night for everything else. I'm a night owl; going to bed that early is foreign to my constitution and always has been.

Of course, with the commute, it's even worse than that, because I have to get up that much earlier. *sigh*

Well, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it except rent a place down there...and I've already gone through all that in a prior post, so why reiterate it?

* * *

Well, 7:45: guess I'd better hit the hay. *sigh*

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