atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2717: Day 4

You know, tomorrow I'm not going to call my doctor for a referral to a shrink. I'm just going to call the shrink's office directly. Why waste time? I don't need it for insurance, anyway.

I'm still feeling the crushing depression. It varies in intensity. It's not so bad right after I wake up; but after a little while it lands on me like a ton of concrete.

I am going to get help tomorrow--at least, I am going to get the ball rolling. Who knows, maybe I can get in to see a shrink tomorrow and he (she?) will say, "Let's just get you into the hospital...." I wouldn't fight it. As bad as I feel, I've been wavering on checking myself in anyway, as I've said.

I'm not thinking clearly at all, but I know this ain't right.

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