atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2721: Ah, the joys of living in a broke state.

My health insurance--


--doesn't cover psychiatric care. I am unemployed. You would think that a man in these circumstances would be eligible for government programs designed to help people who are in dire straits, wouldn't you? Whatever your political beliefs--whatever you think the case ought to be--the fact is that we're all taxed out the wazoo to pay for all kinds of public programs; you might think, therefore, "Hey, all this government stuff sucks, but at least the old Fungus can get the help he needs, right?"


...the social worker I saw today (I infer she's a social worker) made plain the frustration she was feeling over the fact that she worked for a public health agency which could not actually provide any care to people who need it and don't have insurance.

She's a really nice person with a wonderfully dry sense of humor--I have not met many people who are as dry as me--and she was clearly unhappy that there wasn't much she could do for me.

Reason: Illinois is flat broke. There is no money to pay for anything, least of all headshrinking an unemployed Fungus with inadequate health insurance. The best they can do is get me in to see a shrink for 15 minutes per month to monitor how the medication is working.


And it's not going to get any better, which is a wonderful segue into the DIRE ECONOMIC NEWS:

"'Double-Dip' in Housing Prices Even Worse Than Expected". That's right! Housing prices are falling to unexpected lows!

Wall Street can't understand why not! Whaaat?? why is this happening? Everyone says the economy is good! How can this be??

* * *

But! If you're worried about lawmakers having enough money to live on, DON'T BE, because lawmakers aren't beholden to those pesky "insider trading laws". They'll be fine! So you don't have to worry about Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi having to eat cat food or anything.

* * *

Ace of Spades: Oh, God: 'Horror' As US Economic Data Falls Off Cliff.

* * *

*sigh* This is not exactly news designed to cheer up a guy, you know?

* * *

"Dark matter, my ass"! I've said it and said it: if your theory depends on 90% of the mass in the universe being totally undetectable there is something seriously wrong with your theory.

* * *

Fermilab may have found a new particle. Fermilab, using a particle accelerator that's years old. Not CERN with their new "black hole machine", but Good Old Fermilab. Yeah.


* * *

This game sounds like fun.

* * *

Craig Fergusen is pretty funny (even though he's a typical Hollywood liberal).

Hilarious. (Via.)

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