atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2730: Well, I managed to make it to church.

I got to church, but afterwards I came home and hit the hay again. I had trouble falling asleep last night, and when I did, I did not sleep well.

I didn't even eat anything. I slugged back a can of Slim Fast on the way to church. Dang.

...but I woke up around 2-ish, hungry, so I got up, had leftover KFC, and played WoW. Ormus' alchemy is now 205 and I think I'm going to Harbor Freight once the bloggeratin' is done with.

It's nice outside--not hot--and perfect weather for breaking concrete. Heh.

* * *

Mood? About 2, I think. It was worse before I ate. I don't know.

* * *

Dinner tonight--no idea yet. Probably McDonald's, because it's cheap and filling, but I really have to get to the store and do some shopping. I don't have any bread, for crying out loud.

Maybe tomorrow after the therapy appointment.

* * *

I really haven't got anything else, so I might as well get going.


Got a sledgehammer with fiberglass handle for $17 and tax at HF. On the way back I stopped at a gas station and filled the Jeep, because gas is $0.24 per gallon cheaper in IN right now.

Got 22 MPG, too. 181 miles--100 of which was the last trip home from Rantoul on 5/11 *sigh*--on 8.5 gallons.

Anyway, stopped at McDonald's for a couple of hamburgers; I ate them, then got to work on the patio.

I managed to break up about a square foot of concrete before I completely ran out of power. Now I know why they used to sentence criminals to breaking up rocks; that's freaking hard work. About half the area I broke is sufficiently broken to excavate, at least part way, but there are cracks in about an area of a square foot where there have never been cracks before. A few more good blows would break that up.

...but I haven't got any strength left in my hands. I figure that I'll chip away at it, a little bit at a time, as I have energy and motivation; before long the whole thing'll be busted up.

I was feeling down (3-4) and now I'm at a 1. Good therapy indeed.

* * *

HF had the motorcycle carrier on display, and I think I want one. The arrangement for securing the front wheel is a little more elegant than was evident from looking at the picture.

($5 says my lovely sister threw away this month's HF ad. Argh etc.)

Since there will probably be a 4th of July fest over at Sailor V's place again this year, I decided today that I'd like to have the Suzuki in shape to ride by then and have a way to get it over there. Sailor V has a quad he got used which is kind of fun (though it needs a new rear shock for maximum awesome) but it sucks to have only one motorized conveyance. One guy ends up standing around fapping while the other's out riding, and that's kind of lame. Better if we can both head out at the same time.

So, I think I'll start on that little project this week, too. Heh.

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