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#2735: Cuts

I got my hair cut and the grass cut.

...I had to wait a bit at SuperCuts; anticipating this, I'd brought with me Clarke's Fountains of Paradise which I have not read before. So that was fine. The stylist gave me approximately the same haircut I got last time--extra short with just enough on top to comb--and it feels marvelously cooler than the hippie shag I had developed.

I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home for a taco salad; I played some WoW and ate it, then shut down the machine, went outside, and cut the grass. I hammered on the patio a bit more, then came inside and read more of my book; after I'd cooled down, I decided to go visit my aunt and uncle and see how they were doing.

So I just got back from a nice visit with them. It's turned into a very pleasant summer evening--a bit sticky, but very nice--and if my legs didn't still hurt from the exercise I've gotten over the past few days (breaking concrete and my walk in the woods) I'd probably go for a walk right now.

On the way to SuperCuts, I stopped at the church and dropped off a registration form for a bible study group that meets on Tuesday nights. It's a good opportunity for me to socialize with people in a structured and nonthreatening environment, and joining such a group is something that has been occurring to me, on and off, since I moved back here in 2003. It costs nothing but some time, and it ought to be really good for me in a variety of ways.

So: overall, a positive 1-week anniversary of my release from Tinley. My mood has been well below a 5 today, which is awesome.

* * *

If I hadn't been bound and determined to get my hair cut, I would have taken Og's suggestion (sent in an e-mail) to hie myself to Harbor Freight and get the motorcycle carrier. They had a web coupon for 20% off any single item, which would have knocked the thing down to about $110, but I decided A) there will be another sale soon, and B) I really wanted that haircut.

Oh well.

* * *

I'm starting to think I ought to change the oil in the Jeep. The oil pressure was very low again today (because of the heat) and I'm starting to wonder if I actually put the right weight oil in there. (10-w40 instead of 10-w30? I've never figured out how multirange oils work.)

Or maybe it needs an auxiliary oil cooler. The underhood temperatures in that thing are stratospheric even when it's cool outside. I suspect I could have fried an egg on the hood this afternoon after I got home from the haircut.

Of course, the lack of a fan shroud probably does not help. Longtime readers will remember that the fan shroud--obtained from a boneyard in the spring of 2010--broke into about a thousand pieces when I was replacing the Jeep's radiator in December., I just realized that I replaced that radiator a scant two weeks before Mom died.

Anyway, the coolant temp went north of 210° (the middle mark on the temp gauge) but remained within 10% of it, so that was all right. The oil pressure recovered (slo-o-o-o-o-wly) the way it did on my trips home from Rantoul on warm days, so there was no problem there.

When I left to go to my aunt and uncle's house, the temp gauge was still registering a hot engine--about halfway between "cold" and the 210° mark, which is where it normally operates when the local weather isn't set on "Philippines"--but that's not surprising considering that the Jeep's engine is about 500 lbs of cast iron.

* * *

Anyway, now I'm going to go geek out for a while.

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