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#2737: Manga!

...I ended up doing a search for Kiss X Sis manga and found this.

Now I am not only caught up on Kiss X Sis but on Kodomo no Jikan as well.

It's only 1:35 AM!


The KxS manga does get around to introducing Miharu Mikuni--just not before Keita makes it into high school. (And thanks to chapter 30 we now know that she's quite ecchi herself.)

The KnJ manga is (at chapter 72) still a really, really good story with some genuine laugh-out-loud moments.

...I read from chapter 56 through 72 of KnJ, which is about 400 pages' worth of manga. Shit. No wonder it's so damn late.

I had intended to go to bed around 10 PM. I'd brushed my teeth and taken my pills, and was just going to read another chapter or two of KxS before retiring, because I was feeling pretty beat thing I know I'm getting myself some Chex Mix and a can of Dew and plowing into KnJ. *sigh*

* * *

So the cold front has arrived and it's been stormy for the past few hours. The storms are the only reason I'm not opening windows; it's cool outside but I don't want the rain getting inside.

If it were day--and I was going to be awake--it'd be a different story.

I always have trouble knowing when's the best time to open the house after a heat wave breaks. The AC keeps it cool and dry inside, but it's expensive to operate. ($2-3 per day, IIRC. Not bad for a day or two, but it adds up after a while.) So usually it ends up being in the morning when I get up, check the weather, and discover that it's nice outside...wasting an entire night's worth of electricity in the process. *sigh*

I am, in fact, keeping the thermostat at 76° rather than the 72° which has been typical of past summers. Don't ask me why I can get away with it this year, unless it's because while I was in the hospital I got used to it being too warm, and 76° feels cool.

WTF, it's four degrees. Theoretically it should mean using less electricity.

Anyway, the forecast says "under 75" for the next five days, and that's something I can live with.

* * *

I purposely did not look to see if that site had more chapters of Doujin Work than I've seen, because I don't want to be reading manga at sunrise. I'm going to bed.

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