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#2738: No, it isn't.

"The PC (As We Know It) Is Dead".
The two-stage death march is evident in surprisingly dim statistics released recently.

Two of the world's largest manufactures of personal computers, HP and Dell, recently reported significant losses in sales to consumers. PC sales to individuals for quarter ending April 30 plunged 23 percent at HP and 7 percent at Dell.

PC sales to businesses have fared better. But overall, a turning point has clearly passed.

This spring, Gartner, Inc. released statistics showing PC sales overall dropped 1.1 percent compared to last year. Meanwhile, IMS Research has forecasted a whopping 213 percent growth for tablets.
Of course the drop in PC sales has nothing to do with a shitty economy or anything like that. Oh, no! It's not the record unemployment or inflation or the uncertainty; it's because everyone out there is buying tablet computers!

...and the bit about tablet sales? Tablets are a new market. Of course there's going to be explosive growth. 200% growth is very easy when you're talking about 5% or 10% of the total computer market.

Then there's this bullshit: "'I see a lot of large enterprises and small businesses reconsidering the need for a desktop computer. The tablet computers are much cheaper, and give small and medium-size business another option so they don’t have to invest in a desktop computer.'"

Tablet computers are not "much cheaper", particularly when you consider price versus performance. You can get a desktop computer for $500 that will blow away any tablet computer now on the market. (Unless you include the cost of the desks the computers sit on, I suppose.)

The company that relies wholly on tablet computers to get the work done is going to be in for a rude surprise. That will be possible someday, but now is not that day.

I guess I could simply say "Reports of the desktop PC's demise are greatly exaggerated" and save myself a lot of typing, but this kind of fatuous crap really deserves the derision I'm heaping upon it.

* * *

Ah, socialized medicine. The unending font of horror stories.

* * *

Ah, socialized education. Zombie does his thing to good effect.

* * *

Ron Paul has about as much optimism about the GOP as I do. And he's in it.

* * *

It started storming last night around 1-ish (while I was writing the last post) and it went right on storming until the sun came up this morning. Continuously.

Considering that the current temperature is forty-four degrees cooler than yesterday's high, that's not all that surprising.

...but it kept me from sleeping. I can sleep through a thunderstorm but I cannot fall asleep during one. Every time I began to drift off there would be a particularly loud crack of thunder and I'd be wide awake again.

Normally, a thunderstorm brews up and passes by in half an hour or so, and even if there's another on the way it takes a while, and I can fall asleep in the meantime. But last night's storms were highly localized, and there were a lot of them, so it really was a continuous stream of storm cells brewing up and drifting past...and keeping me awake.

So here I am at 2:35 PM just barely beginning to wake up. *sigh*

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