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#2739: A post dedicated to me!

Hyperbolic Chamber has a post dedicated to me and my situation. I am moved! Thank you!

* * *

Fermilab has not discovered a new particle. It turns out that another detector couldn't see what the first detector saw, so it's probably just noise. Oh well.

99% of science is failure.

* * *

So they've found a way to use a cobalt catalyst to make it more efficient to crack hydrogen from water with sunlight.

This is still not an energy source. At least the article gets that right.

But that's the whole reason hydrogen cannot replace fossil fuels: fossil fuels are an energy source. Even turning heavy crude into gasoline is all downhill; you don't need to put energy in to get energy out, because you can burn some hydrocarbons to heat the rest of it the required amount for distillation and cracking.

The saddest thing about how nuclear power has been throttled is that we still have to pay for electricity by the kilowatt. If nuclear power's true potential had been realized, you'd pay a monthly subscription fee for as much electricity as you cared to use. If that had happened, we'd have electric cars and no one would care about the range because you'd be able to charge anywhere for free the way you can now get WiFi at libraries or coffee shops.


* * *

Speaking of which, fiber is getting cheaper. I'd pay $70 per month for a guaranteed 1 GBit download speed and telephone service. That's a freakin' bargain, right there.

* * *

Okay, I have to trot out the official Atomic Fungus logo for the Newt Gingrich Presidential campaign:

Boortz says it's not doing so well, for which I am just as glad.

All Newt's aides quit at once.

It's a sign, man. Heed it.

Even if Newt gets out, I'll still be able to use that graphic for Romney. He's another one; he's worse than Newt, for crying out loud.

* * *

Why's China warning the US about default? They sold 97% of their holdings of short-term debt, so what's it matter to them?

* * *

Linking this only because the headline says "aggressive fungus". It's not me. Honest.

* * *

Inner city youths are "wilding" in high-rent districts of Chicago. Naturally! That's where the money is; you can get a few hundred from the right mark, and it's not like a guy can fight back against 20 or so people.


Say it again: Avoid Chicago after dark. Really.

* * *

The solar magnetopause has some odd, unpredicted characteristics. The solar magnetic field has "bubbles" in it out at the edge of the solar system. Neat.

* * *

WSJ opinion piece on the failure of Obamanomics.

* * *

I finally went shopping!

...after my session with L. this afternoon I hit the bank to pull money from the IRA so I can pay my chunk of the bunker's property taxes; then went to the store and bought $125 worth of groceries.

I needed everything, just about, except paper towels and garbage bags. Having taken care of that, I ate the rest of the leftover pizza from last night and had a bowl of ice cream. (Ice cream wasn't on the list, but with Schoep's selling for under $3 it was an impulse buy I can live with.)

Last night I decided that I haven't had bratwurst for a good long while, and added the supplies for that to the list. Some day this week I'll hit the corner store for potato salad and grill me some brats!

* * *

I went to bed too late last night. I was playing WoW until 2 and didn't get to bed until 2:30; and then I tossed and turned (again) until sunup. *sigh* What a pain.

It could be worse, though.

I haven't watched any damn anime this week; I've been vegetating on the computer too much. It wouldn't be so bad if I were actually doing anything useful.

...but WTF, I'm recovering from a nervous breakdown. I have a right to be useless for a little while longer. Don't I?

* * *

"Useless" is relative, though. I'm thinking about making a few minor changes to the configuration of the garage so I can work on the motorcycle, which I want to have in a usable state (and have transportation therefor) before July 4. So I should get going on that.

The motorcycle--vintage 1972--has never had new tires. It's past time for that; and I'd wager that its timing and point gap have never been adjusted, either, which is probably one reason the thing's so hard to get started. I need to dig out the service manual (which I bought in 1993-ish) and see what it can tell me about that stuff.

A new battery will probably be needed. The thing is kick started and has a magneto ignition but I'd expect the whole thing to run better with a battery than without.

I've been thinking about how to fix the kick starter. The foot peg has disappeared into the mists of time; while working at [employer] I had given thought to the idea of making a new one, but since I lost that job I no longer have access to the tools required to do that. *sigh*

I could get a complete one from eBay for only $45 plus shipping. That's a bit high. I guess I'll be using the old trick of attaching vice grips for a while longer. Oh well.

* * *

Tell you what: this haircut is a relief. It's so nice to have short hair again.

...also, it lets me get away with not shaving. Today when I was at the bank, one of the bankers--a guy in his mid-20s, maybe?--was unshaven, and I told the banker I was talking to, "Your partner in crime makes me feel better about not having shaved today." She said, "Well, the scruffy look is in now!"

Heh. Once again, I was ahead of the curve. I rule.

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