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...quote from The Sure Thing there. Guy clad in towel sticks his head out of a dorm window, yells that, and then sticks a speaker in the window to pump toonage into the quad. Heh.

* * *

Well: I rearranged the garage (slightly) to make motorcycle access easier. The motorcycle is now at the front of the garage, where the tools are, and I can get at it in a minute.

My brother's minibike is also much more accessible; I sent him and his wife an e-mail asking, "When can I deliver it?" I'm tired of it taking up space I need for other things.

It looks significantly worse than this:

So after all that, I had a gander at the tires in order to start research. Front tire: 2.75x18; rear tire 3x18.


...but I was able to find a conversion chart, and some places actually list the old-style tire sizes next to the new ones--and These look pretty good--so I was able to learn that this part of the project will run me about $50 or so, plus shipping. (Plus whatever the tubes cost.)

That's doable.

I can get a battery on-line for $13 but without acid, so I'd have to find a source for SULFURIC ACID!!! somewhere local. Hmm. Have to check the auto parts stores, I suppose, and see if I could just get a battery there.

So: figure around $100 for parts and supplies, and the motorcycle will be running properly again. That'll do.

My search for a kick start lever also yielded an unexpected bit of information: there's this black piece of steel that's been knocking around the garage for decades, and today I discovered that it's the skid plate for this very motorcycle!

Why in the hell that part did not remain attached to the motorcycle is lost to the mists of time. The poor bike has been periodically battered by idiots since 1972, so it's got a lot of cosmetic problems. It doesn't look as good as this one:

I don't know what to do about the taillight; its bracket is FUBAR unless I find someone who can weld some new metal on it for me. It's currently held in place with coat hangar wire and duct tape.

One thought I had was to build a new one using trailer lights--but my battery search taught me that the Suzuki has a 6-volt electrical system. *sigh*

Well, we'll get there.

* * *

The back yard is soggy; I'm glad I got the grass cut on Wednesday. We've gotten a lot of rain in the past couple days; it's been a wet spring and early summer here.

Now it's cool and there's not much wind, and there's more precip approaching from the west, but who knows if it'll actually rain here?

* * *

Anyway, it being Friday and all, that's the weekend! And that means...uh...stuff!

I've got church on Sunday, and the prayer/bible study/whatev group Tuesday evening; and right now I'm going on to WoW again.

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