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#2741: $4.25?

When I was at the store yesterday I bought the components for most of a bratwurst dinner: bratwurst, sauerkraut, buns. But I forgot about side dishes.

Today I woke up at 1 PM (after needing half a Xanax to get to sleep around 4-ish) and after I fed the cats I ended up having a lie-in until 4 PM. I woke up hungry; and I decided I wanted bratwurst for dinner.

But I didn't have anything to eat with it; what to do? Well, I can fix that with a quick trip to the corner store (it's not really on a corner) where they have the potato salad I like!

"Quick" ended up being relative, because there was a line at the deli counter. That's good, though, because if they're busy it means they're making money and the place won't close.

...I bought a pound of potato salad and a pound of cole slaw, and a four-pack of canned cat food; all were on sale for about the same price and the total with tax ended up being $4.25.

I figured that--at $1.29 per pound--I could afford to try out the cole slaw. Most of the time, when you buy cole slaw, it's too damn sweet. KFC has excellent cole slaw, and the one or two times they served cole slaw to us in the hosptial, that was okay.

While this stuff won't win any awards, it's pretty decent stuff. (Still like KFC's better.) Sadly I specified the wrong kind of potato salad. Well, they used to have only one kind of "deli potato salad" but now they've got "deli mustard potato salad" and "deli creamy potato salad". I made a guess; of course it was wrong. *sigh*

...but at $1.29 per pound, I can choke it down. WTF. I'd have cause to be upset if I'd paid a premium for it, and it's not bad; it's just not the kind I prefer. Cry a river.

* * *

I can't blockquote the whole thing and it's too good to excerpt. Lots of good sarcasm in this one.

* * *

Someone's got his wires crossed. The particle thought to have been discovered by the guys at Fermilab turned out to be noise but no one thought it was the Higgs boson; it wasn't in the right "ballpark" to be a Higgs and everyone thought that if there was anything there at all, it was some heretofore unknown particle that current theory didn't even predict.

Hawking has bet that CERN won't find the Higgs boson. I'm not sure which way to lean, but the notion that we need a special particle to make mass have mass seems...odd.

Look: if you were to somehow cram an ounce of electrons into a special magic container that could retain the charge, that ounce of electrons would end up weighing as much as a mountain because of all the binding energy that went into containing them. Energy is mass, and that applies to potential energy too.

Does that mean you've suddenly created a bunch of Higgs bosons? Quantum mechanics has no trouble with particles popping into and out of existence, and the conservation of energy is satisfied (because of the work you do to move all those negative charges into close proximity with each other).

I really don't know.

What I do know that any theory that requires a big complex structure of new ideas to fit some heretofore unobserved phenomenon is probably wrong. The laws of nature are not complex.

* * *

Other than that, nothing.

The Hatsukoi Limited manga (which I've been reading via that manga site I found the other day) seems to have driven the anime fairly well, but the anime cut a few stories from the manga in order to fit into 13 eps.

Bonus points for showing Meguru in her swimsuit in more than one pose. Here's an image of Meguru (from the anime) I stole from Steven:

...and that's not even really anatomically correct, unless her chest is deformed. The cleavage line should go higher.

* * *

It's supposed to remain cool at least through Wednesday. The back yard is still swampy and the grass already needs cutting again. I can't do it until the sod stops squishing, though.

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