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#2743: I remember this.

Newsweek's April 19th issue which proclaimed that the economy had recovered. Heh.

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The link in this Ace post leads to a story about Obama having a major meltdown over Netanyahu telling him, essentially, "Well, no."

Obama thinks Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders, and Israel is not going to listen to him. This makes Obama very, very angry.

* * *

Some anus thinks spam works best when applied to Fungus posts that are almost four years old.

I link the post because it ends with the infamous "It's the Bandit!" story from one New Year's Eve about a thousand years ago.

...and since the 4th is coming up, I'm going to tell the fireworks story I declined to tell in that post.

So it was the 4th of July, and the gang all gathered at DB's place. He lived in an unincorporated area, so we didn't have to worry about the cops busting us for lighting fireworks, and he had a nice big backyard. We designated a spot for the arsenal and determined that no fireworks could be lit within about X feet of the pile; there was a source of water nearby, and everything was set for a pleasant evening of pyrotechnics.

It was a pretty nice evening, all told. There were three or four of us who'd bought fireworks and we had a pretty broad spectrum of fireworks to shoot off. One of our number had bought (among other things) a box of these spinning fireworks which were shaped like airplanes. And while everyone was lighting stuff and having a good time, he decided it was time to see what these little airplanes would do.

Since DB's back yard had a total dearth of pavement, this guy took some scrap lumber and constructed a ramp, and placed the firework at the top of it, some distance from the pile of fireworks.

One of us told him, "Hey, [--], that thing spins, you know?"

"No it doesn't! [--] said. "It flies straight."

"Look at the fins," I told him. "They're not--"

"It flies straight!" [--] said, ending the discussion by lighting the fuse. There was a pause as the fuse burned down. There was another short pause as the propellent inside the thing lit. There was a sudden spray of sparks from the side of the thing, which trembled for a moment while the thrust built.

It began to move. It turned, dislodging itself from the top of the ramp, and it spun down the thing, gaining speed. When it hit the base of the ramp, it kept going, spinning and bouncing on the uneven ground...heading right towards the pile of fireworks. And as we watched, dismayed, it came to rest right in the middle of a bunch of stuff, still fountaining sparks.

We all ran.

Fortunately it didn't light any of the really big things in that stack. If it had set off one of the fountains, the entire stack probably would have gone up. But very little of the fireworks were loose; most were still in their boxes, so relatively few fuses were exposed. But it nonetheless was about twenty seconds of sheer terror as bottle rockets and firecrackers went off.

Afterwards, we laughed our asses off. Total damage to the cache had been light, and no one was even slightly injured.

The only injury, in fact, was to [--]'s pride.

* * *'s really hard to make that story funny if you don't know the people involved. But it's probably better this way.

* * *

Well, I didn't make it to church today.

I was in bed by 12:15 and I'd even taken half a Xanax as a sleep aid. By 2 it was obvious that I wasn't getting to sleep because I was having a panic attack, so I took the other half and then managed to get to sleep.

But of course the full dose kept me from being able to think coherently when I woke up at 8 and realized I had to get up for church. I ended up turning the alarm off and falling asleep again until mid-afternoon.


I didn't even get anything to eat until I got up this afternoon. Breakfast ended up being the same thing I had for dinner yesterday, and at about the same time, which--believe me--I don't feel very good about.

* * *

Last night I got to the end of "the first season" of Fairy Tail. I actually watched ep 47, but as it was nearing its end I decided I didn't want to wait to see ep 48 and the end of the "Fairy Battle" arc, so I paused playback and added ep 48. (As mentioned previously, it didn't hinder my plan to be in bed around midnight.)

Also as expected, though, the ep ended with an omatase for ep 49 rather than an "end of season" or "end of series" thing of one stripe or another. Right now I've got another 33 eps waiting for viewing, so I'm nowhere near finished with this yet...thank God.

* * *

Over the past few days, the computer has been noisy.

My machine--being a cheapo $500 special--has a duct that directs the flow from a case fan over the processor heat sink. I keep thinking about getting a processor heat sink with a fan, but then I realize that the thing is pretty quiet as it is and it works, so why mess with it?

Except for this past week.

This past week, that fan has been running whenever the computer wasn't in sleep mode. Normally it's only supposed to come on when the processor gets too warm, but it's kind of been "stuck" on, and even a reboot didn't fix it. I'd shut the computer down completely and turned off the power for 21 seconds (as I normally do when I want a "cold" restart) and it did exactly the same damn thing.

This afternoon, when I brought the machine out of sleep mode, it did that thing where it refuses to run any programs (including task manager or "shut down") so I cut the power entirely.

I took that opportunity to open the case and have a gander at the insides. WoW has been starting up painfully slow--taking up to three minutes from the time I click "play" at the launcher to when the login screen finally shows up--and it started doing that after my second week in Rantoul, all sudden-like. (The laptop, vintage 2008, takes about 15-20 seconds from the launcher to get to the login screen, same as always.)

So with the case open, I checked all the connections and blew some dust off things; when I powered the computer up again, the fan started, and stopped...and hasn't run since.

I never know WTF is going on.

I had thought the slow WoW problem was because the downloader settings got wonked; I made some logical changes and it started fast once. The settings have not changed since then yet it's back to the "three minute startup".

The only other thing I can think of is that the wireless card in this thing is vintage 2005, and supposedly we're now on IPv6, and maybe the card's age is causing some difficulty with the WoW IP software. There's no good way to check that except to go buy a new freakin' wireless card.

* * *

I guess my brother doesn't want his minibike. I sent an e-mail offering to deliver the thing to their house (90 miles from here) on Friday and I haven't heard a word from either him or his wife.

In 2005 I found--completely by accident--a parts bike in a junkyard and picked it up for $10; I could easily make five times that by ebaying the parts from that thing. (Probably lots more.) I had gotten it originally for him, so if there was anything he needed he'd have it on hand. But if he doesn't want it, WTF can I do?

The minibike primarily needs cosmetic parts and proper reassembly. Honda designed the shift mechanism in a very asinine fashion; part A has to be put onto part B in a certain way, and both parts are deep inside an engine cover that prevents easy access to either part, and which is what part A is bolted onto. So you're finagling a large part onto another large part, and two small parts must be perfectly aligned at all times during the process. It sucks.

* * *

Having fortified myself with good leftovers, I'm going to go outside and have a gander at the motorcycle. The 4th of July weekend is a mere 3 weeks away, after all.

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