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#2745: What fun that is.

I was just looking at Craigslist for laughs, and came across an ad for a Yamaha Waverunner for $1,450.

The seller even has two of them for sale. One minor problem: neither one has a motor.

...but you can get a new motor for only $700 from such-and-such!

$1,450 for a personal watercraft with no motor? WTF has that guy been smoking?

So I found me some laughs, didn't I?

* * *

I also discovered that $1,000 for a running MGB is stupid low. I'm going to fix the MGB up--get it running and drivable--and offer it for sale for about $2,000 firm and I'll still be on the low side.

* * *

I forgot that Og has regular access to machine tools, but I wouldn't have asked him to make me anything with his hands having been operated on this past Friday. He volunteered, though, to try to fab up a flywheel removal tool from whatever crappy drawing I could manage.

And in the worst case, he even supplied me with a URL for the actual damn tool from Suzuki. Sheesh.

...still thinking about buying a speedometer from ebay, becuase it'd be nice to have a working speedo on that bike.

I've also been thinking about the exhaust pipe. The Suzuki doesn't have many miles on it but it's seen pretty hard use; all kinds of things got bashed or broken or bent:

Taillight bracket
exhaust pipe
exhaust pipe heat shield
That last is a metal grille visible on this identical twin to my bike:

There's a wire basket-looking thing that keeps the rider's leg from contacting the exhaust pipe, only on my machine it's been broken off. No idea if this motorcycle once had the cargo tray thingy on the back or not, but if it did, that is also long gone. (Who knows? Maybe I'll find it rattling around the garage...someday.)

The exhaust was welded back together--badly--by someone with an arc welder. I'd like to take that thing and have it re-welded, preferably by someone with a TIG welder who knew what he was doing.

My other thought was simply to fab up a new exhaust system. You can buy mufflers for two-cycle bikes, and they don't cost a lot. Tack together some tubing in the right shape, find a way to attach it to the cylinder head correctly and tack on mounting tabs for the rest of it--then take it to a pro and have him do the finish welding. Get some high-temp paint (really high temp, like the 2,000° header coating they sell at auto supply stores) to make it pretty-ish. Or I could pay someone to ceramic coat it, which would also be good.

But if I can make the stock exhaust properly whole, then I could (come winter?) send it off to be re-plated. That would cost a packet but it would end up looking so very, very nice....

* * *

I was reminded, today, that the left-side outer housing was cracked when I got possession of the motorcycle.

I said it had been used hard.

...I think a chain must've broken, or something, because of how the casing was cracked. A chunk of aluminum had been knocked out and the crack ran all the way through the bottom of the casing. I took it to our family mechanic--a friend of my brother's--who TIG welded the whole thing up nice as you please. It fits perfectly and if the weld had been ground smooth you wouldn't be able to tell it had been welded.

There are a bunch of missing bolts, so I think one of my tasks for tomorrow will be to find out what I need to fill those bolt holes and then go to Ace or somewhere and buy a bunch.

One such need will be the freakin' skid plate; that is going back on the bike pronto. I'm also going to have to see about getting a battery.

Doing a search led me to one for $16 (plus shipping) but it's not charged, and since I lack a 6V charger that means I'd have to buy one. *sigh* On the plus side, I've discovered that the battery I need for the Suzuki is a 6N4-2A, and I can get it several places. The only thing worrying me is how to charge it; I need a 6v charger and I don't have one, so I'd have to get one at the same time I got the battery.

You see where this is going. *sigh*

Fortunately, I did find a charger for $14 (without leads) that would probably do the job quite handily. So figure I'm going to be paying around $35-40 for a battery and charger (with tax and shipping) and another $60-ish for tires and tubes; if I decide I have to put in a tune-up kit that'll run another $30-ish at least. So my original estimate of about $100 for parts may have been slightly optimistic.

Well, no one said I could do it on a shoestring. I knew I'd have to shell out a few ducats for parts.

I'm going to check the local Yamaha dealer, though. They may be able to hook me up with the right 6V battery and charge the thing for me--or tell me who can, at least. (No, the auto parts stores can't. O'Reilly's has two 6v batteries but neither one will fit in my motorcycle.) If they can do it for less than $16+$14+[shipping]+[tax] then we may be onto a winner, here.

This motorcycle is thirty-nine years old. Holy crap.

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