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#2746: Squirrel frenzy

This morning I woke up at 7 and fed the cats; and while doing that I kept hearing this odd noise from the front door and Luna was nowhere to be found.

I went to the front of the house and found Luna at the window, tail fat; and as I watched a squirrel jumped up onto the window by the front door, looking in. Luna batted at it--which didn't bother it at all--and then it hopped down. A few seconds later it did the same thing. And again, and again.

Another squirrel appeared--perhaps curious about what the first one was at--and they proceeded to chase each other off the porch.

Stupid squirrels.

* * *

Another warmista claim that the laws of thermodynamics don't apply to global warming.

"Current projections estimate that the globe will be about 2-5°C (3.6-9°F) warmer by the end of the century, depending on future emissions of greenhouse gases."

WRONG! ...but thank you for playing.

It's not warming and it hasn't been for ten years.

Climate projections are based on models that incorporate every bit of physics and chemistry we are able connect to Earth's climate, and they do the difficult work of calculating everything out for each grid cell on the planet at each time interval.
...goes the screed from Arse Technica, but those projections don't actually compare the model outputs to any, y'know, real-world observations or anything drastic like that. Why, that might disprove the models!

As Atom Smasher at Men Are Not Potatos says,
I've been saying it for 20 years. It's basic science. You pose your theory and you test it, and if the results 100% contradict your hypothesis, your theory is disproven and you move on from it. If you refuse to do this you are not practicing science.
Emphasis theirs. Take a look at the graph I just posted and tell me there's a correlation between "greenhouse gases" and climate.

* * *

This article about the shitty economy contains this quote: "Although economists generally expect a rebound in the third quarter,..."

I gotta ask: are these the same economists who keep being surprised by "unexpected" unemployment? 'Cause if they are, their expectations don't amount to a hill of beans. I mean, hell--when I was 12, I "expected" to be a rich and famous best-selling author by the time I was 40, and look where I am. Some expectations are unrealistic; it's fine to have such expectations when you're a kid but by the time you've graduated from college you're supposed to be a hell of a lot closer to reality.

What leads these economists to "expect" a magic turnaround in the economy in the third quarter? The first two quarters have shown less than a 1.8% growth in GDP, and I'd wager those numbers could be proven to be more the result of statistical fiddling than any real economic growth. Certainly consumer spending is not driving it.

Are people going to somehow magically change their minds about the Obama quagmire? Somehow I doubt it. The article starts out by blaming high fuel prices and a shortage of Japanese cars as the primary drivers of slow growth--but gas and Japanese cars are not the only things Americans buy, and everything is more expensive now than it was even a year ago. I saw an article which said that--out of the 1.8% growth of GDP--about 0.15% was due to consumer spending, and the rest of it was all industrial and other activity. (Now I wish I'd linked that article. *sigh*)

All the economic data is looking grim; what do these economists see in the future that will suddenly double the GDP growth rate? 'Cause I for damn sure don't get it, unless they're smoking something funky and that is what's making them see all these rosy futures.

* * *

Why can't I get to sleep before 4 AM? This is annoying.

...I was having some mightily odd dreams, though. One dream was about some kind of ghost/possession/haunting thing, and I kept getting my socks scared off in the dream but not waking up. I can't really call it a nightmare, because the scariness of the dream didn't persist past waking and it wasn't even (in retrospect) all that scary. It's just that in the dream, I was scared witless, in spots, because there was an evil ghost doing the kinds of things we usually attribute to evil ghosts.

Oh well.

* * *

Over the past couple of days in WoW I've been running Emwyn (night elf druid) around. After she's languished at level 35 for quite literally more than a year, I've added 6 levels in the past couple of days.

The druid is kind of a pain in the ass. Emwyn's primary spec is "boomkin" (moonkin) which is a DPS spec, and it seems like I take a lot of damage in combat. So I bought dual spec and took feral--which is tanking/dps spec--and that seems to be working better for me.

The worst thing about the moonkin spec is that all the damage spells have fairly long cast times. There are two instant-cast damage spells and both of them do light damage; if you want to put a hurt on something you need to spend 2-3 seconds casting a spell...and while you're doing that, you're getting pounded.

So in feral, shapeshifted into a bear (which is a tank form) Emwyn at least has some freakin' armor, and the feral spec also has a talent which occasionally heals you for 5% of your total health or some such. The bear abilities run on rage, like the warrior class, so that's fine.

The other feral form is the cat form, which runs on focus (like rogues) and which is more of a DPS form.

None of the druid forms have AoE attacks, so it's hard to deal with multiple targets, and that's why I keep getting pounded. Argh etc.

Still, I'm making a go of it, and I think I've gotten to a point that I can keep leveling the character without getting inordinately pissed off at the game. We'll see if that lasts at all, though.

* * *

Anyway, my plans for today are to cut the grass, then hit the auto parts store for some supplies--mainly carb cleaner and some other stuff. Since Og has volunteered his trickle charger, I think I'm just going to find the lowest 6N4-2A battery I can find on-line and order it (as long as it comes with acid!) and borrow his charger to get it up to snuff.

That I can do next week, along with the tires. First I want to get the mechanical stuff out of the way.

Since I'm temporarily stalled on the points, I'm going to work on the other side of the bike and attend to the fuel system. Whee!

...but first, the grass. *sigh*

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