atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2747: A load of chemicals

$40 worth of solvents and lubricants, all for the Suzuki.

I finally broke down and bought one of those Gunk small parts cleaner buckets--the one that comes in a paint can--and it set me back a mere $22.59 rather than the regular $27.99, because they had the price wrong on the shelf. (Kusu kusu.) <--a snicker in Japanese

This will also come in handy when it's time to clean the MGB's carb, so it's not a single-use item or anything. That helps me justify the cost.

I also got:
A quart of 2-cycle oil, suitable for mixing with gasoline or for use in oil injector systems like that on the Suzuki.

A quart of 80w gear oil for the bike's transmission.

A can of spray carb cleaner for the nooks and crannies; also for cleaning other things.
The service manual doesn't say what weight gear oil to use, so I made a decision based on careful consideration of the cost/benefit ratios of each of the offered weights of gear oil, past experience with the motorcycle, and my extensive knowledge of--

...stuff that highfalutin' nonsense: I picked the lowest-priced one. Okay??

The gear oil I picked ought to do the trick, anyway. I think the bike last had 90 weight in it, and that was probably a guess, too.

WTF, before I got the shop manual in 1992 I was running the thing with transmission fluid in the oil injection system, and the engine didn't fuse into a smoking mass, so I doubt that the gear oil has to be a specific kind.

I also worried a bit about what kind of 2-cycle oil to get, and then realized that probably doesn't matter, either. (See above, "transmission fluid".) The bike doesn't seem to be too picky about what you put in it, as long as it's clean. The oil is pumped through the crank and rod journals and then it sprays out into the crankcase in various directions, and it all gets burned eventually. Transmission fluid just makes more smoke, is all.

But with my getting up late and cutting the grass, all I really had time for before dusk was to get the supplies. I could still go out there and fiddle around with the thing, though; all I need to do is move the Fiero out of the way, and that won't take a heck of a lot of doing.

* * *

So I finally got a reply from my sister-in-law about the minibike, and she said that my brother isn't sure he wants it.

...I told her that if he doesn't want it, and I fix it, I'm keeping it. That thing's fun to ride around the back yard.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I could get the Suzuki plated and insured, and then--with the carrier--I could take it over to the DMV and get motorcycles (under 150cc) added to my license.

And then I could ride the thing anywhere I damn well pleased, within the bounds of the law.

Seems kind of stupid to me to make the cutoff so low--150 cc, I mean--considering that the bigger motorcycles have huge displacements. If anything there should be three levels.

Oh well. Not my problem, really, since I don't intend to get another motorcycle...and if I did, I could just haul it over to the DMV and take the test for it. WTF.

The Suzuki has a dual-range gearbox, and in road mode it's got a top speed of some 65 MPH, so it's more than fast enough to ride just about anywhere.

But that's getting ahead of the plan. First off is getting it in proper running condition, so that it starts and runs nicely and everything works. Then I'll worry about that other stuff.

* * *

...and now, WoW.

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