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#2749: That was fun.

The "Companions in Christ" group was pretty interesting. Everyone in it is older than I am (big surprise) but they all seem like a really, really nice bunch and I think I'm going to enjoy the program.

* * *

Then I got on WoW and Sailor V came over to Aggrmar and leveled his toon Thægrimm (which I'd made a couple weeks ago when I was checking out his toons for max effectiveness) and I helped with Emwyn. It's nice to be squishing stuff for a change rather than getting squished.

About midnight-ish I plugged the old 120 GB IDE drive into the nifty USB dongle and was able to access a bunch of stuff I haven't been able to access since the first 500 GB drive died.

...I had copied that entire drive to the 500 GB drive, and then thought I had it all backed up on the 500 GB external. That turned out not to be the case, though, because it didn't back up everything; it only backed up things with typical document extensions (.JPG, .DOC, .MP3, etc) and not things like .MID and .PWT and....

Since I'd kept the old drive intact, I was miffed rather than really pissed off. And now I can access it again whenever I like, so it's fine.

Long-time readers of the Fungus may recall the last time I tried to get some way to use this drive in an external enclosure and had less luck. And in fact this nifty dongle thingy was cheaper than the enclosure I bought in July of '08. Heh.

* * *

At CompUSA they had a 50' ethernet cable for $14, and I came > < close to buying it. Then I thought, "Heck, once Og gets around to it...." so I didn't. Heh.

That thought nearly made me put the wireless card back, let me tell you. The ethernet cable would have obviated the need for a new wireless card, because I'd just plug my machine directly into the frickin' modem.

The other alternative is to bring the router in here. Use the ethernet cable to plug the router into the modem, then use a shorter ethernet cable (which I already have) to plug the desktop into the router. I can then disable the wireless part until and unless I want/need to use it, and avoid risking having someone pirate internet access from me. Heh.

There's all kinds of ways to do it, I suppose.

* * *

While running around Dun Morogh with Sailor V, I tried to set my toon to follow his and accidentally challenged him to a duel.

I told him just to ignore it, but he accepted the challenge. He ran over to Emwyn and smacked her for ten points of damage; I turned around and crushed him with one blow. Level 43 versus level 5--yeah.

That was the first time I won a duel, though.

...anyway, I was laughing my ass off, and then I started coughing, and I think I coughed up a lung. My throat still hurts. So whatever crud it was that I got in the hospital, I think it's still lingering a bit.


* * *

The other thing I saw at CompUSA was an external SATA adaptor. That would be pretty nifty, but I don't think old Cephiro has a PCI slot to spare.

Wait--was this one Cephiro? I can't remember any more. The laptop is Seiren and--hell, I can't even remember what name I picked for my next computer. I know the old Celeron machine was "Escaflowne" and the wireless network is "Roshtaria".

But I've got some names I can choose from:
Catia (Asobi ni Iku Yo!)
Fiore (Fairy Tail)
Deviluke (ToLoveRu)
Jurai (Tenchi Muyo)
Iscandar (Star Blazers)
Juusenkyo (Ranma 1/2)
...and I can think of more besides. So as long as I can keep a list like this I'll probably never run out of names for machines.

According to the System tab of Control Panel, this machine is "Cephiro" (the world of Magic Knight Rayearth). So now I'm stuck trying to remember what I called the old P3 that was my desktop machine before I got this one in 2007.

(And I still can't help thinking that "Cephiro" was a translation error; I'd bet the world was supposed to be named "Sapphire" and someone mucked up the transcription from katakana to English....)

Anyway, since Mom's old one-lung Compaq is now best used as a paperweight or doorstop--it's that old--I've been thinking about setting up the old P3 where her machine is now, so I can play the old games that won't work under Vista or XP. Carmageddon, for example.


* * *

Anyway, now it's 3 AM, and I ought to go to bed. Here I thought that--since I'd gotten up at 1 PM and had been going all day until the end of the church group at 9--that I'd be sleepy and want to go to bed early.


...I didn't factor in how wound up I get when I actually get to socialize with people. *sigh* So I'm still going strong, and if I don't take half a Xanax and hit the hay I'll be falling asleep around 9 AM and sleeping until 7 PM, and I won't get anything done on the motorcycle.

Good night.

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