atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2753: Got myself a motorcycle carrier!

Yeah, I went to HF and bought this thing for $120 with tax.

Thanks to an on-line coupon for 20% off and the register initially ringing up the on-line price of $140, I got it nice and cheap. Woohoo, go me, etc. (The thing was priced at its regular price of $150 in the store.)

It took me all of 15 minutes to assemble the thing. About five minutes was spent trying to figure out why it didn't look like the picture on the box; this one was assembled backwards so it loads from the left and has the front wheel lock on the right. That's fine; I don't care what side the wheel lock is on so long as the thing reliably carries my dirt bike hither and yon...and it appears that it'll do that just fine.

Or perhaps the picture on the box is backwards. Whatev. (I could probably fix it by taking the whole thing completely apart, but as I said above....)

I'm pretty confident that even if Og and I had built one, we couldn't have done it for $120 unless we scrounged everything from scrap. And it would have been all-steel and weighed a ton, where this thing is mostly aluminum and light as a feather.

* * *

This item is necessary for fun and I've wanted one since sometime last year--perhaps around this time--and it gets me one step closer to being able to take the Suzuki anywhere I want to ride it.

It's also a "cheer up, this is only temporary" present to myself. I had to put the guns back into storage today; Illinois has revoked my FOID card thanks to my stay in the psych ward--so no shooty goodness for me for a while, until I can get a shrink to sign off on me being sane enough to handle weapons. So there are no guns in the house, except for a couple of BB guns, and if I need to defend myself it'll be with kitchen knife and breaker bar.

WTF, those are probably more effective than the Astra would be, anyway.

Worst case: I get them back after five years. *sigh*

The law is pretty specific about posession rather than ownership so I think I'm okay owning them and having another person with a FOID card hanging on to them for me. Since IL doesn't register firearms (thank God for that small blessing) the state has no way of knowing what I have anyway.

It's just that if--say--the Department of Education SWAT team were to bust down my front door because they want me to pay up now, they couldn't then turn me over to the state police for illegal gun possession because I had guns in the house and no FOID card. You see?

It's gravelling and annoying (and an infringement of my rights) but it's the law in the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Illinoistan, so that's how it is. *sigh*

* * *

But that bit in the last post about me going back to bed--I almost fell asleep three times, and each time I was interrupted by something. The first was my alarm clock going off (at 1 PM *rolleyes*); the second was my brother calling, and the third was gut malf...and my brother called again while I was in the john. I talked to him after that, then tried to go back to bed, but he ended up here...and managed to arrange for a friend of the family to store the guns for a while. Fine.

Turns out this guy (who used to be our mechanic as well) is doing gunsmithing out of his garage. This guy bought a chunk of land that used to belong to the railroad that used to run east of town; they had a yard just southeast of town (the Faithorn Yard) and he owns a building that used to be either a locomotive or car (or both) repair shop, because it still had rail in the floor the last time I was there. Anyway he's got a complete machine shop there, and he built a freakin' helicopter, and he does gunsmithing, and-and-and--

...and I've been awake since my brother and the other guy left; I was fooling around here and decided it was time to get the carrier, and so now I still have all my errands and chores to do.

Guess I'll at least go get the shopping done. WTF.

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