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#2758: Dinner, garage, tired.

Dinner ended up being brats again. Same deal as last week: I got a pound each of cole slaw and creamy deli potato salad (the right kind this time!) for $1.29 each at the "corner" store, and then grilled brats.

They came out perfecto this time--nice and juicy, but fully-cooked, with a nicely browned skin. The potato salad was perfect. The cole slaw was 8/10, but that's because it's not quite as good as KFC's, which is the best cole slaw I can get now that Mom's gone.

I stuffed myself on that, then had a cream horn for dessert ($2 for a pack of four, so I ended up spending $4.78 at the store this time rather than $4.25).

* * *

When I got home from the store, I gave in and kicked on the AC--it was 81° in here, which is 'way too hot, and I knew that it would take hours for it to get any cooler in here, and I was sick of suffering.

While the brats were simmering, I unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded it with dirty dishes--just a few days' worth.

After dinner I put away the food and put the dishes and utensils I'd used to make and eat dinner in, and started it; then after a little post-prandial WoW I went out to the garage to see about making the Fiero parts easily accessible.

Despite temps in the mid-70s I sweated my ass off (of course) but I moved a bunch of stuff around and got rid of some small and useless boxes; I ended up being able to move the Fiero about 4 feet farther forward than I could get it before. All the Fiero parts that are going to a new home on Monday are now tucked in behind the car, except for the '88 block; and that I can get out pretty easily when the time comes. Once the parts are gone, I'll have room!

I'll have more once my brother's mini-bike is out of there. He's thinking again about keeping it: "It would be a great project to do with the kids." I wish he'd get off the stick and take the damn thing and get it the hell out of my way....

So: Fiero parts, recyclable aluminum, minibike--all that frees up nearly 30 square feet of floor, and that will give me room to work on the motorcycle inside the garage with the door closed, without having to move the Fiero. Cool.

* * *

I went to charge the Fiero's battery (it's totally dead). After hooking up the leads, I plugged in the charger, then let the cord drop to the driveway. It went POP!, so I picked it up, unplugged it, and examined it.

Where the cord joined the plug, somehow the wires had touched and blown out. Well, the previous owner had cut off the ground lug and probably did something else, and had wrapped the thing (loosely) with tape, so I guess the surprising thing was how long it lasted. Sighing, I went and got my crimpers and the spare 3-prong plug I had stashed in the toolbox. I'd originally bought that plug to repair an extension cord, but I never got around to it; it took me a minute or two to determine the correct polarity, but then zip-zip-zip I had the new plug in place and the battery was charging. I'm thinking about going and buying another spare plug, just for the sake of convenience.

Anyway, the battery is now trickle-charging on the back patio. We'll see if it's any good or not tomorrow.

(This charger is 12v only, which is why I can't use it to charge a motorcycle battery. Oh well. If I had two good batteries for the Suzuki, I could charge them both at the same time in series; but what's the point of having two batteries when the bike can only use one?)

* * *

Anyway I want to go to church in the morning, and thanks to not sleeping well last night (and being up all day) I think I've got a chance at getting to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

So that's what I'm going to do.

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