atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2761: That was FAST.

The Suzuki rotor removal tool--ordered Saturday night--arrived this morning via USPS Priority Mail.

Holy smokes.

Interesting bit: on the label, the name "Suzuki" is rendered in katakana, which is the alphabet that Japanese usually reserves for foreign loanwords. ("Salaryman", "lolicon", and "Christmas" are all written in katakana, for example, even though the first two are pseudo-Japanese manglements of English words.) ("Manglements"? I think I've invented a word, there. And it's pretty euphonious, too! Normally I'd come up with something more like "mangleation" or something....) "Suzuki" being a relatively common Japanese surname--and given that the company is old enough to be named after its founder--that's kind of surprising. And the company has been around since 1909 and was started by one Michio Suzuki so why isn't the name in kanji, or at least hiragana?

I said "usually", because of course this isn't a hard-and-fast rule. As far as I can tell the Japanese will write native words in katakana approximately whenever the hell they feel like it, mainly for effect or emphasis or what-have-you. So that's probably why.

* * *

I left the AC on last night. While it was cool, it was sticky humid, and I decided--WTF--I might as well remain comfortable. I'll probably just leave it on tonight, too; it's going to be 90° tomorrow.

If the predictions hold for the rest of the week, I won't need it again before Saturday at the earliest; they're predicting temps below 70° Wed-Thu-Fri.

It's been a cool, wet spring, hasn't it? That must be why I didn't see my first firefly of the year until last night. As I recall the second third of June is late for them.

And it rained this morning, so I'm glad I got the grass cut yesterday.

* * *

Today I'm going to go recycle a bunch of aluminum cans, and then--well, I got the tool; maybe I should put it to use. Heh.

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