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#2763: The Fungus and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I said, eariler, that the rotor removal tool had come today.

After getting the recycling dealt with, and having breakfast, I hied myself out to the garage to see what I could do with my fancy new tool.

So there I was, trying to screw it into the rotor, unable to figure out why the threads wouldn't engage. There was a spot where the hammer had dented the outermost thread, so I ground it off, and still the thing wouldn't thread.

Then it occurred to me: Which way do the threads run? I put my thumbnail in a thread and turned the tool and--sure enough!--the thing used left-hand threads.

If Og had made me one, it wouldn't have worked, and it would have been all my fault. going against every single mechanical instinct I have, I went "lefty-tighty" and the thing ran right into the rotor the way it was supposed to. *sigh*

So I put a crescent wrench on the flats, and tightened the T-handle as far as I could; then I got a cheater bar (which didn't help) and a hammer. After a few whacks at the flywheel, I then started banging on the T-handle--tightening it just a little bit each time--and after about a dozen or so whacks the flywheel emitted that curious pop! that lets you know I HAVE EMERGED VICTORIOUS YET AGAIN!!!

Yeah: I set the hammer down and tightened the T-handle by hand, and drew the flywheel right off the crankshaft. Yay me.

I spent some time trying to get the flywheel nut back on the crank, because I pretty thoroughly munged the last threads on it with the bodged-together tools I was trying to use before. I had to grind off that last thread and run a tap through the nut before I could even get it to start.

That accomplished, I pulled the points. They had pitted a bit, so I got some 320 grit sandpaper and sanded them down flat; I lubed up the points cam and slathered anti-seize on the flywheel/crankshaft mating surface, then reinstalled the points and the flywheel. Set the points gap to 0.330 mm (spec is 0.3-0.4 mm so that's right on the money) and tightened it down, then put everything else back together. Hoody hoo.

I'm going to have to adjust the clutch a bit better than I have, but it'll be fine for now.

Turned her around and pulled the carb.

The carb wasn't as cruddy as I'd feared it would be, but I still stripped it and soaked it and cleaned it; now it looks spiffy. I also adjusted the float level.

Pulled the oil tank and thoroughly cleaned it off.

Pulled the fuel tank and cleaned it inside and out. The rubber seals in the fuel cock are totally shot; I'm going to have to go buy some fuel-proof rubber gasket material and make new ones, because it's for damn sure I won't be able to buy them anywhere. But soaking the fuel cock in the carb cleaner got it sparkly clean.

The air filter--

K&N makes an air filter that would only cost me about $50. 9_9

Looking at the housing, I figure I could buy a flat air filter that's about 7.5 inches wide and maybe 10 inches long. Remove the element, cut it into three strips 2.5" wide, wrap one around the air filter core support, and secure it with a rubber band. The air filter box is made so that this will work; and it should provide better filtration than the



...and the other two remaining strips would be spares for later.

I also hosed out the fuel tank. There was a nice thin layer of rust inside; when I ran my finger around the inside of the filler it came out bright orange. I threw some water in and shook it thoroughly, then blew it out with compressed air and set it aside to dry. I think it'll be fine, but I'm also thinking about getting some of that epoxy stuff for coating the insides of fuel tanks, and doing that to this thing.

I don't expect to have time to work on it tomorrow. I should be able to run to the parts store and see about that gasket material, but that'll be about it; I might have time to reassemble the fuel cock and put it back on the fuel tank, though. We'll see.

The fuel line is shot, so I'll be replacing that (again).

* * *

The tires are due in tomorrow afternoon. The inner tubes now both show as "on order" and the other items--though they show as "in stock"--have not been shipped. Argh etc.

I don't have a tracking number for the battery, either, yet. Well, we'll see how things go.

...well, as long as I've got the thing all done by the 4th, I don't much mind.

* * *

When I did all this--turns out I did it in 1992, a mere 19 years ago (O_O)--I paid $16 and change for a battery for the thing.

A set of piston rings was $30, which is about what they are now. Heh.

...I have the title for the motorcycle in my name. The interesting thing is, my sister found a very old title (I think the original!) with the bike in my Dad's name. How the hell do you like that?

* * *

Because of how things were, I was able to sit on the driveway with a fan blowing on me, so I didn't sweat my ass off even though it's pretty sticky outside. I had the Jeep parked across the front grass, blocking the sun, which also helped a great deal. Man, I miss the trees we used to have out front!

* * *

It turns out that mosquitos find the smell of carb cleaner absolutely irresistable. I had Cutter on myself and they were buzzing all over the place when I was spraying stuff.

Right in the middle of my work the village mosquito fogger truck went by. Every time I hear that thing I want to go out and stand by the side of the road waving an American flag, like people liberated from Nazi rule in WW2, as it drives by.

Shit I wish we could have DDT.

* * *

This Ace of Spades post contains some links which are interesting: blink-powered night vision contact lenses, and a link to a story about a Wonder Woman movie starring Christina Hendricks.


* * *

So it's 9 PM and the guy who was supposed to come by and pick up the Fiero parts hasn't even called me. To heck with him; I'm going out for dinner.

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