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#2764: Snowing in Colorado, in summer

Granted, it's a mile above sea level, but it's snowing. In a place where the typical summer daytime temperature is 88°.

Was Al Gore visiting or something?

* * *

Alan Caruba observes that the econuts have now gone back to "pollution is causing an ice age!" again.

* * *

Notice that nowhere in this article about tritium leaks from US nuclear power plants is there any mention of any actual real hazardous leaks. By that I mean "concentrations in drinking water above the legal limit."

The best they can do is talk about the Dresden and Braidwood reactors here in Illinois, and none of their tritium leaks were found to be anywhere close to the legal limit of 20,000 pC/l (picoCuries/liter).

Nowhere does the article say what the natural background level is, though it should be pretty low considering that tritium has a half-life of 7 years. It also doesn't relate an exposure to 20,000 pC/l to the natural dose of about 100 millirem/year that we can't avoid getting--due in part to the radioactive potassium and carbon in our own bodies.

"Any exposure to radioactivity, no matter how slight, boosts cancer risk, according to the National Academy of Sciences," the article says; but this theory is slowly being disproven in favor of radiation hormesis. Besides, this is the same National Academy of Sciences which says that anthropogenic global warming is unequivocal.


There's your global warming. Yeah. what this article is, in fact, is more anti-nuclear scaremongering.

* * *

We can't accurately model the behavior of a strand of DNA, but we can model the atmosphere so precisely that we know it's warming entirely because of human activity. Yeah.

The difference is, when they're talking about modeling DNA and the real stuff doesn't behave the way the models say it should, they change the models.

But when we're talking about the climate, and the climate data says it's not behaving the way the models say it should, they change the data.

Which of those two is science?

* * *

Therapy today--and then the auto parts store.

...I totally, totally forgot I needed gasket material. I got air filter, I got fuel line; I checked AutoZone for gasket material but they didn't have the right stuff--and by the time I got to the light at Sauk Trail and Route 1 I'd totally forgotten that I still needed the gasket material. I was going to go to O'Reilly's but then thought, "F it, I'll just hit the Yamaha shop; they'll have what I need!"

They did have the fuel line I needed. I got info on riding courses. But I still don't have the damn gasket material I need. *sigh*

Well, I'm not going to have time to work on it today anyway--and even if I did, I could just work on the plumbing instead of worrying about the gas tank and stuff. (Fuel line, oil line, etc.) Also, I could adjust the carb and oil pump cables, and get everything to spec, and refill the oil system.

Heck, once I've got all that done, the only thing left is the battery and the fuel tank. Once I've got the fuel tank--and all fluids filled--I can start 'er up. Whee!

AutoZone only had thin resin-impregnated paper. That's good for a water pump or carb; it's not going to work for my fuel valve. (Maybe it would in a pinch. I don't think I'd want to rely on it.)

* * *

After coming in from my work last night, I played WoW (predictably). Emwyn is questing in Felwood, and there were a few quests given by a dryad (female centaur) and a tauren who was powerfully sick to his stomach. Seems an undead alchemist was messing around with slimes and ended up turning everyone in the village into slimes or goops of various types. Somehow this dryad ended up trying to help the tauren.

The last quest I got from her began: "You've been such a big help here! I'm gonna stay here a while and look after poor Mr. Tauren until he stops throwing up so much...."

I loved the personality of this dryad; it was hilarious.

* * *

"Kelnir Leafsong" for the record, in case you want to go to or something and look up the quest text yourself.

* * *

Another group has waded into the Yawara! fansub mess, giving us eps 59 and 60 in the process. I hope--I hope--they'll continue with it, because I've been following this damn series since 1999 and I still haven't seen even a third of the episodes.

I watched ep 59 last night, and enjoyed it. They added a new character--a girl who's joining Fujiko's nascent judo club at Mitsuba's Womens' Collage--and she's got a reasonably cute character design with a voice that sounds like a dryer with bad bearings--filled with glass and bricks.

* * *

The tires show as "out for delivery" and it's coming via UPS, which means I ought to get it. FedEx delivery seems usually to be a bit flaky here, but UPS is generally on-time.

And I just checked my order status, and it shows that the rest of my order from that place has shipped, too. So it ought to be here in a couple of days--tubes, rim strips, decal, everything--and I can get the tires taken care of. Woo!

So now all I'm waiting on is the battery. Yahoo.

UPDATE: Talking with Og on Sunday got me thinking about taking the motorcycle training course.

He said he took the Indiana course some years ago, that it cost $75; and I thought, "I should look into that."

I asked at the Yamaha shop (as noted above) and something the guy said piqued my interest: he said something about how going through a riding course other than the state course "wasn't free".

So I double-checked the information I found Sunday night and came across this link to a PDF which says, across the top: FREE MOTORCYCLE SKILLS COURSES!!!! (Only in regular title caps and without all the exclamation points.)

I mean, fuck! I'd wager I have to drive somewhere not-too-close to take the course, but fuck! "Free!" Y'know?

...and when you're done, you have a nice little certificate you can take to the DMV to get you out of having to take the driving exam. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

It actually gives a place to sign up, but it's after five PM now, so I'll be calling them tomorrow....

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