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#2770: I intend to buy an A380 this year.

There, now AirBus can say it sold another one.

You see: when AirBus gets a "statement of intent" like mine, they count that as a "sale". Boeing doesn't count it as a sale until there's an actual contract that's been signed, locking in the purchase.

That's why I look at articles like the one I just linked with skepticism.

* * *

Chicago cops wait until people are dead before they get tough on gangs. Which is why Chicago has a gang problem in the first place.

* * *

Democrat double-think:
"We must always be vigilant in protecting the integrity of our elections," Perdue said in a statement. "But requiring every voter to present a government-issued photo ID is not the way to do it."

Perdue said the bill would "unfairly disenfranchise" voters.
Oh, yeah, because it's so hard to get a photo ID. I remember when I took Mom to the DMV so she could get a state ID card. She had to climb a mountain while carrying a goat, singlehandedly land a Mercury capsule from orbit, and memorize the entire works of Proust in French before they'd give her the application form. It was pretty bad!

* * *

Duhurr... Tim Geithner says--I paraphrase--that if we don't want our government to get smaller, we'd better gut it up and get used to higher taxes, because we can't have this big government without them!

*sigh*'s gotten to be too much for me. These people have just worn me out with their idiocy.

* * *

So I hit the hay fairly early last night, because I was feeling tired, and I slept for a few hours. When I got up, I had more of my utterly delicious chicken stir fry, and then played WoW. In the middle of that, I got a hankering for something sweet; I'd thought to make the can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the fridge, but then decided on peanut butter cookies instead.

So I dug out the cookie sheets and opened the package of dough (Pillsbury) and did everything, and ended up with a batch of tasty peanut butter cookies.

But while rummaging around in the cupboards a couple weeks ago I found a can of frosting; and I cracked that sucker open and spread frosting on some cookies. I ate 3 this way. *sigh* Fortunately for my waistline and clothing budget, the frosting in question was not milk chocolate frosting.

Generally speaking I don't like dark chocolate; I prefer milk chocolate. I just like the flavor better. Dark chocolate is too bitter for my taste, and I prefer a mellow, smooth flavor. So if the frosting in question had been lighter, I probably would have been found laying on the kitchen floor, bloated, with an empty can of frosting in one hand and peanut butter cookie crumbs everywhere. It would not have been a pretty sight.

That leaves me with the question of what is to be done with the can of frosting I opened; I don't even know why it was there. But there's a yellow cake mix in that same cupboard that I could use to make a cake, and then I could frost it with the frosting, and have a much-belated birthday cake of my favorite kind. Heh.

* * *

So today's project is to get the battery filled and on the charger; then I'm thinking about taking the bike's rear tire off and patching it again so that it doesn't leak. The front tire is still tight.

I'm not used to summer weather like this. It's awful late in June for it to be in the sixties outside--not that I'm complaining!--and this comes after a cool and wet spring.

Generally speaking I do like the cool weather we've been having. I'd prefer it a bit warmer, but since we're talking only a handful of degrees, F it. It's fine the way it is.

But sunlight would be welcome.

* * *

Today was trash day, and I finally got the garbage out that I'd accumulated while cleaning the garage last week. The guy's supposed to come and get the Fiero parts tomorrow, too.

I'm going to be making a pile of stuff to toss, and it's all going to the curb on Thursday afternoon, as close to noon as possible, so that the garbage pickers salvage guys can have a good chance at grabbing whatever they want.

No more "I might be able to use this!" or "I can fix this!" or "this might be valuable someday!" If there is not a definite and immediate use for it, or if it has no sentimental value, out it goes. Period.

There are exceptions, of course, but I'm talking about junk I will never use. Okay, the busted oscilloscope I got from work? It's been in my basement since 1993 and I have never done anything with it. It's going. I tried ebaying it, and I've had enough--it's gone.

I've got a box of 720k floppy disks. Floppy disks--and they're not even high density. There is no personal data on them; why do I have these?

Assorted computer parts--there are a very, very few that I'll keep; the rest are history.

My old Pioneer receiver and the big Fisher speakers--those will go on the "yard sale" pile. I think I'll ask $25 for the lot; there's a bit of noise in the left channel due to crud in the speaker switch. Someone who's good with a soldering iron could fix it in an hour or so--it's just a matter of removing the switch and either cleaning it thoroughly or replacing it--but I've got one receiver and have no need for two and those speakers are just stupid large.


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