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#2773: No motorcycle work today

But I did work on cleaning out the garage.

While waiting for the guy to come to get the Fiero junk, I did some cleaning and reorganizing. The results:

1) You can actually see the MGB. It's no longer buried in a cocoon of cardboard scraps.

2) I can park the Suzuki transversely across the back of the Fiero.

3) My secondary battery charger (the one that is a trickle charger only) now has actual clips on it rather than battery terminals. This means I can use it on any 12v battery, not just one with top posts. (This one used to keep our "Ace in the Hole" sump pump battery charged, but became superfluous after we replaced it in 2006.)

4) The round trash can that doesn't have a tightly-fitting lid, so we can't use it for regular household trash, is full again.

5) I have a small pile of crap to go out with Thursday's garbage.

I've still got a long way to go, but this feels like a real accomplishment nonetheless. And, of course, the guy came and picked up about 700 lbs of Fiero junk and took it home with him.

Far too late for it to do me any good, I realized that I could have bought a trailer from Harbor Freight and then paid for it by recycling all this junk. Two cast iron V6 engines--at twenty cents a pound--would get me about $120, and the aluminum casing of the trans would net me a nice chunk of change, too. I mean, crap--the catalytic convertor in the exhaust system would have gotten me about $30-ish. Shit.

I still would have had to pay for license and insurance, but it still would have been like getting the trailer itself for free.

"Old too soon, smart too late," as Mom used to say. Besides, this way, maybe some of those parts will see some use in keeping other Fieros on the road.

But of course I--having done all this--am now totally out of energy. That was a lot of work, getting all the junk out and ready to be loaded. Then I helped the guy load it; and of course while I was waiting for the guy I was cleaning the garage. I mean, come on--I wasn't just sitting there reading all the time.

I'm still strong enough to lift a Fiero engine block (with crank) by myself, too, which is encouraging.

* * *

Looking over the pool table, I've determined that it's trash. Mice have gotten to the bumpers, so it's going to go as soon as we get a dumpster. It was not in all that good a shape even before it spent 23 years in the garage, anyway.

So the legs for it are now on my "Thursday night is garbage night!" pile.

* * *

The Fiero's battery is shot.

I can't remember when I bought it, or where; only that it was not that long ago.

...once again a little research using the Fungus archives and digital pictures enables me to find out that I bought the battery on October 20, 2009. Heh.

All I need to do now is figure out what freakin' store I bought it from. *sigh* Pretty sure it's O'reilly's, but I'm not 100% sure.

(If only the blog post said something like "Today I went to XXX and..." instead of just saying I paid $80 for a battery. *sigh*)

Anyway, assuming I can figure out where I got it, I can then trade this one in, give them an $20 bill, and get a new battery for the Fiero. That works fine for me.

* * *

But first I have to get the motorcycle dealt with, and I have to make the annual pilgrimage, and-and-and: one week from today is July 3rd.

Last night I bought a set of points on Ebay for the princely sum of $10, shipping included. The next step is to get the timing adjusted 100% dead on, as it's probable that my best effort at getting them "close" is insufficient. Anyway, this thing's never had a new set of points and doubtless the wear on the heel is enough to throw the whole thing off-kilter, anyway.

In the meantime, I've got plenty of work to do on the thing. Still need to fix the leak in the rear tire, and I need to get some foam for the air cleaner, and it turns out that the headlamp doesn't come on, so I've got to figure out why and fix it.

...just try and find a 6v headlamp in a brick-and-mortar store anywhere. I'll have to get it from Ebay or something if it's blown, and not bad wiring. Argh etc.

* * *

Well, right now it's WoW time.

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