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#2774: Get real

"Can biofuels save Africa?" is the headline. The slug that led me to open the link read, "Biofuels may bring badly needed jobs, food, and energy to Africa by spurring agricultural development and providing a homegrown source of fuel."

Africa can't even grow enough food to feed itself. Take one look at frickin' Zimbabwe and tell me that growing fuel can somehow magically save Africa.

* * *

Cops lock up a woman for spraying them with breast milk. Somewhere around here I have a paperback which is a compilation of real-life stories from police officers. Some are funny, some sad, some rueful.

One such story is about how a couple cops got sprayed with breast milk. To them, it was a joke--"I was attacked with a tit!"--though it didn't say what they did after the smoke cleared.


* * *

"Are they completely incompetent, or are they merely Democrats in disguise? That is the question one is forced to ask of Republican politicians on a depressingly regular basis," begins this Vox Day piece.

God knows. But if they vote to raise the debt limit, that might be enough to force me out of the party.

* * *

WEERD makes a point here about how gun laws (and laws in general) actually work: they're not a deterrent.

People who are against the death penalty for serious crimes make that argument all the time: "It's not a deterrent, so we shouldn't do it."

As we've seen, making guns more illegal always results in more crime, rather than less.

...the rest is left as an exercise.

* * *

I think I'll read this article about "The Failure of Al Gore" when I don't have a motorcycle that needs fixing.

* * *

"They built our moon base on the wrong planet." It's government; what do you expect?

* * *

Anyway, it's after 3 PM, it's a nice day, I haven't had any food yet, and I've got six days to get that bike running. Later.

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