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#2775: Spark and no fuel? OW MY EYE

Well, intending to de-flood the engine and make sure the carb float was working correctly, I unscrewed the drain plug in the carb's float bowl...and nothing came out. I had just had the fuel valve open; the float bowl should have been full of fuel.


So I took the carb off AGAIN and checked the float level AGAIN and it was wrong AGAIN--this time because I used the wrong measurement when I set it the last time it was wrong--and I reset it. This time I am confident that it is correct, 25.1mm above the flange, right where the manual says it should be.

Then I verified that the float valve was working by blowing into the fuel inlet: when the carb was right side up (float valve open) I could blow air in; when it was upside down (float valve closed) I could not. Hopefully this is the last time I have to do this for a while.

...but in the process of reinstalling the carb, my hand bumped against the fuel line, flicking it; a drop of gasoline landed on my glasses and splashed, and one droplet managed to go right into the corner of my eye.

I set everything down, went inside, and flushed with water. There was little redness and only a bit of irritation. Thinking about it, I thought, "Do I really need to go?" But then I thought, "This is your eyesight we're talking about." So I grabbed my hat, wallet, and keys, put everything into the garage, and then went to Urgent Care.

Waited an hour to see the doc; he spent perhaps ten minutes examining me and flushing my eye with sailine. Prognosis: "Everything looks okay; if there's any change get medical attention immediately."

Well, I'd rather have the peace of mind than that $100 I spent, anyway, I guess. This way I don't wake up in the middle of the night afraid that my eyeball is going to dry up and fall out or something. Besides, I'm not exactly an expert on poisons; for all I know gasoline could contain something that--if allowed to remain in the eye--could cause blindness 24 hours later. (You know, like when someone takes a megadose of Tylenol; he's fine for a day or so and then his liver craps out completely, killing him.)

But I'm hoping that I must be getting pretty close to my task being accomplished, because there are starting to be maddening roadblocks and finagly things going wrong. I've had the magneto cover off this thing half a dozen times by now; today the clutch release arm was being a bitch. Then I get gas in my eye.


But it also helped me decide what was for dinner tonight; on the way home from the clinic I stopped at KFC and got chicken. On impulse I tried the Pepsi MAX from the fountain there, and I find that it almost tastes like real Pepsi.

...unlike every other kind of "zero calorie" Pepsi, it does not taste like diet Pepsi. The flavor of diet Pepsi hearkens from the 1970s, when all they had for artificial sweeteners was saccharine. When they tried changing the flavor after the invention of aspartame, the habitual diet Pepsi drinkers hated it: "It's too sweet!" every damn variety of Pepsi which does not have sugar or corn sweetener in it tastes like it's made with frickin' saccharine.

The biggest problem I have with Pepsi Max is that the flavor falls flat. I describe the flavor of regular Pepsi as a curve, kind of like a hill that you climb up one side and come down the other.

The flavor of most all diet sodas just ends abruptly, about halfway down the other side, with a cliff. The flavor just stops there and the "finish" that you get with sugar is missing.

I can live with that; so we may be on to a winner, here.

* * *

I made the mistake of listening to the Annie Lennox solo album--name forgotten, released circa 1993--and now half the songs on it are stuck in my brain.

The songs are pretty good and she's a capable singer; I just don't want to hear them over and over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL I LOSE MY MIND!!! particularly when I'm trying to concentrate on things like ignition timing and fuel delivery. It's distracting.

And of course it's not the whole songs; no. I'm hearing the ululating vocal contortions she emits in the intro to "Precious Angel", or the chorus to "Little Bird" over and over AND--

(Diva. That's it.)

My brain, the broken record. Argh etc.

* * *

So now it's 8 PM and I'm going to go out to the driveway and try to get my motorcycle working again. I'm going to try to avoid gas this time.

UPDATE: Yeah: I finished putting the carb in and got everything put together; about 3-4 kicks and it started. EASIEST I EVER STARTED THAT THING.

...the problem now is getting the carb adjusted so that it will run without me holding the choke on and the throttle open. But that's a matter of adjustment.

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