atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#278: It's because you slept with Chloe Sullivan, you JERK!

This came from a powerfully funny web site called Superdickery. Besides a huge load of examples of Superman being a dick (of which the above image is one, cropped for size) it also has examples demonstrating that Wonder Woman is into bondage, and a selection of seemingly-innocent panels and covers which have serious double entendres in them--whether intentional or not is open for debate.

This also gives me an opportunity to say here that Smallville rules. IMHO it is, hands down, the best implementation of the whole "Superman" phenomenon, and the most recent episode--showing the embryonic efforts of what will, one day, be the Justice League--kicked about six kinds of ass. (Or, it was six kinds of awesome.)

But I can't forgive Jimmy Olsen for bagging Chloe.

Also found on is a perfect reason why Ronald Reagan was the only US President ever who was made of 100% awesome:

The panel which precedes these shows Reagan standing up and saying, "This office will not bow to terrorism! You have exactly five seconds to surrender yourselves!"

I must make a tee shirt with this on it.

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