atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2778: Man, it's getting chilly in here

It's going to get hot by Friday, of course, so I'm trying to enjoy not having to run the AC. Thinking it would be hot today, I closed up and had the AC on; but it turned out to be extremely pleasant today, and opened the place up around 8 AM when I fed the cats.

It got hot in here when I went to Bible study, though, so I'm running fans and trying to cool it off again. My room is chilly; the rest of the house is still warm, but getting there.

As for the group, I--same as last week--had a few moments of real joy and really liked being there. That'll have to tide me over, though, because the pastor's going on vacation for a couple weeks.

One member of the group has been trying to sell her house for some time, and has had two people look at it. Two. Holy crap.

* * *

It's now early on Wednesday morning. I have so much to do:
grocery shopping
Fix motorcycle's rear tire
Motorcycle carb
other motorcycle stuff
Motorcycle shakedown ride at Sailor V's
"splody goodness"
So I've got quite a lot to do before the holiday weekend!

To that end, then, I now prepare for bed. Good night.

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