atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2779: Oh, good, because I was worried the next Republican President wouldn't be able to

"Romney says he can work with Democrats".

The official Atomic Fungus Romney campaign logo:

* * *

Free WoW now goes to 20 before you have to pay. That's a pretty nice deal.

* * *

They can send it to me one sack at a time. I'll take it. I'll find a use for it.

* * *

"These cuts will forever haunt our conscience. Aww, poor Democrats! Having to spend only as much as they take in! Not being able to raise taxes any further!

...I can't keep that up. This is the endgame for tax-and-spend. Suck it.

* * *

From Brian Dunbar I get this link to a Role-Playing Game system using Javascript (I think) that runs in a browser.

I have always wanted to write my own RPG for the computer, but what inevitably happens is that--once I get past the "This is cool!" part--I get bogged down in all the minutia and fiddlybits and give up in disgust.

Oh well.

* * *

So now I've been awake for about an hour, and I've got shopping and motorcycle work to do. That's why today's post is a linky-dink without much commentary; as of this moment there's about six hours of daylight left and I want to get my act together.

Besides, if I get the motorcycle up to snuff early enough, I can haul it to Sailor V's place for a shakedown run. Heh.

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