atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#279: Unintentional humor from the Internet.

More stuff I find funny. First:

These days spammers have to use all sorts of tricks to get past spam filters. It's relatively easy to program a natural-sounding sentence, something which will fool a spam filter into thinking it's a real subject line. They were programming "natural language generators" in the 1970s in BASIC for crying out loud.

It really depends on how sophisticated the spam filter is. (All of these spam e-mails were caught by my ISP's filters and dumped into a holding bin for spam. Heh.) Like you sometimes see at Something Awful I'm going to post pictures of what I imagine these folks look like before my discussion of their subject lines.

Cannon says he/she will attend one of my shows in the future, if I stop using fur. Well, to all the Cannons of the world, let me say for the record that I have not ever used fur, and have no plans to use fur in the foreseeable future. When I have a show, I expect to see you there.

Eveline V. Mcguire sends a sound file about "Jewish Arbor Day" in Israel! Oy, gewalt! The Jews are planting trees in Israel, and I guess they need my help!

Irwin Nolly tells me that Josh will kick "him" out the door. Damn! Sounds like Josh has anger management issues! (And I think it is just possible that Josh may be a bit homophobic. Just a bit.) And I think Josh needs a new door! I wonder if the e-mail is a solicitation for funds to buy Josh a new door, or possibly gender reassignment surgery?

Aldabert Ferris explores the possibility of the sentence fragment by saying, "With Ted The Janitor". That crazy Aldabert! He's such a card!

And various people I don't know say "distant moist", "unfasten persona", "puddle alphabetical", "grapevine jealous", and my personal favorite (because it almost makes some kind of limited sense, unlike the others) "mammoth CPA".

And lastly, Geoffrey L. Castro wraps a riddle in an enigma with his email, "carpeted":

And finally I saw this link on Jerry Pournelle's web site:

I would presume that this URL makes some kind of sense to the infernal machine which spawned it, but it is obviously not meant to be typed by human hands.

Oh well.

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