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#2790: Nothing-a-go-go

Well, next to nothing. We're on a budget here!

* * *

Again, the Obama administration wants to double the CAFE standard to 56 MPG by 2025. This effectively means the end of new car sales in the United States as people will do their damnedest to keep their older, comfortable, safe cars on the road as long as possible, rather than buy a tin crapbox that gets 60 MPG.

The technology is not there.

"The United States has the world’s most lenient vehicle emissions and mileage standards...." This is bullshit. (Unless you consider CO2 to be a pollutant. A lot of European countries are now taxing the CO2 output of cars.) The US has the tightest standards for traditional pollutants such as nitric oxides and hydrocarbons. And "mileage standards"? The rest of the first world is highly socialist and has huge taxes on fuel; they don't need mileage standards with gas costing $12 per gallon.

GM is being run by a guy who doesn't know jack shit about engineering:
"It is very challenging," Mark Reuss, president of General Motors North America, said of the 56.2 m.p.g. goal at a press event in Detroit last week. "But it’s up to us as engineers to provide high value to the customer and support the environment."
Yeah, just crack the whip and make those engineers get on the stick and do their jobs! We all know that the only reason those lazy-asses aren't building efficient cars is that we're not making them do it.


Do you know what a 60 MPG car looks like? Hint: it does not look like a Prius. A Smart car can only manage 38 MPG, so it doesn't look like that, either. (And costs $18,000 to boot.)

A 60 MPG car will look like a Geo Metro. It will be totaled in a 10 MPH collision. It will go 0-60 in not less than 14 seconds. It will have room for two adults and four bags of groceries. It will cost not less than $20,000.

This is what Obama wants for us.

* * *

Mark Steyn begins this excellent article by saying, "Dozens of countries have "Independence Days." And he goes on to explain why Obama is not only stupid but hypocritical with his attacks on "private jets".

* * *

So we're left with nothing else. Well, it's the Wednesday after the 4th; people are tired.

* * *

"Hello, this is XYZ with ABC Inc, may I speak to [Fungus' mother]?"

What I say: "No, you can't; she's deceased."

What I want to say: "That depends on how well you communicate with 'the other side'. You might want to pick up an Ouija board, unless you have the number for Heaven's switchboard--and if you do, could you give it to me...?"

At least the answer I do give them gets the bunker off their call lists.

* * *

Ah, I've got to go to the bank, and I need to shave and shower first, and I don't want to do anything. *sigh*

At least I got the bills paid; and after going to the bank I can stop at the insurance office on my way home and find out what it'll cost me to insure the Fiero as a show car. If it's not too egregious, then I'll have to go to the DMV and get AV plates for the car and then get a new battery at O'Reilly's....

I guess I'd better get going.

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