atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2794: Unexpected!

Unemployment has gone up unexpectedly!

You know...

It's almost as if we're in a recession or something!


I guess I'll say it again: the official definition of recession is "two or more consecutive quarters with zero or negative GDP growth." But GDP grows irrespective of the actual economy when government does certain things, and when imports drop; both of which have been happening--the first because Democrats love to spend money we don't have, and the second because the economy has been on the skids since 2008.

* * *

The Chicago Democrat machine is bound and determined to limit the Second Amendment rights of Chicago citizens.

* * *

This kind of thing is why I always keep my electronics in my carry-on. Even if I don't plan to use them.

I don't trust the baggage screeners and I don't trust the baggage handlers. I'm sure most of them are trustworthy people, but that's small comfort when you get to your destination and find something valuable missing from your luggage.

TSA: staffed with criminals and perverts for your protection.

* * *

Yes, dammit, Iran is trying to get the Bomb, and if you idiots would listen to those of us who have known this all along maybe we could agree on stopping them before it's too f-ing late....

* * *

You keep telling yourself that Obama's Presidency is safe because [XYZTheta]. Keep it up, because it makes Obama that much easier to vote out in 2012.

* * *

Looks like a warm weekend is ahead of us. It was nice yesterday--cool all day for July--and chilly last night.

But the high for Saturday and the dewpoint for Saturday night looks like I'll be turning on the AC and leaving it on; and it'll be on at least through Monday evening if things go the way I think they'll go.

Low for Sunday is 74°--that's going to be one sticky mother of a night. *sigh*

* * *

"I am such a genius" department:

I got the garbage out last night, of course, because it was Thursday night. I went to bed around 2:30 and--for a wonder--had little trouble falling asleep. I woke up after the sun rose because I needed to hit the can, but otherwise I slept pretty well...and then someone leaving a long message about my mortgage payments being too high (!) woke me up. (Not the phone ringing; the long-winded blathering. WTF.)

"Hmm," I thought as I got up to feed the cats, "I slept through the garbage collection this morning!"

Only just now did it occur to me that Monday was a holiday; I bet they didn't collect the trash this morning and it won't be taken until tomorrow.


* * *

So over on I checked out the My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute manga. ("OreImo" for short.)

I said that Saori was my favorite character in the series. She is. I also said that it was obvious that her surname was an alias--it was deliberately made obvious in the story--but I had some trouble figuring out what it was supposed to be.

It's spelled in katakana and the moji approximate "BAAJIINA". First thought: "Vagina". No, it can't be that, I thought. Japanese has no long "I" sound, so the double I sounds like "EEE" (approximately; double vowels are held an extra half-beat). But it's not "virgin" because that renders to "BAAJIN".

The guys who scanlated the manga said it's "Vajeena". I'm now betting that Saori's assumed last name is supposed to be "Vagina". Don't ask me why. Ask the guy who wrote the freakin' light novel why.

Then again, in Doujin Work, Najimi frequents a store that sells doujins which is named Shiri no Ana; the literal translation is "hole of the butt" and it translates to anus. And otaku are weird. You do the math. the OreImo manga, though, Saori is built like a brick brickhouse, and her built-ness is showcased. I knew I liked her for a reason.

* * *

Reading K-on! I have found that there is now a sequel series called K-on! Restart which follows the original cast in college and chronicles the trials and tribulations of Azunyan as she tries to herd cats build a new k-on-bu. Yui's sister Ui, and her friend Jun, both join the club; and two other girls join as well: one is a clutz who joined the k-on-bu by default ("This is the club where I did the best!", including holding a guitar like a violin) and the other is a maid belonging to the Kotobuki household, which is where Mugi-chan came from.

The maid's mission was originally to recover all the tea sets Mugi left behind when she graduated, but somehow she's been co-opted by the girls to be their fourth member.

Meanwhile, the original cast is living in a dorm at college and trying to fit in to the college's k-on-bu, which is so much larger that there has to be a schedule of who's playing when. (And the club fee is $200 per term. Yeech.)

Most enjoyable. Hopefully there'll be a series made from this one, too.

...but since the anime follows the manga so closely, it's easy to see what happened: the difference in story quality between the first and second series comes from the source material, not the animation studio. Hmm.

* * *

Bah. I gave up and switched on the AC; it's 83 outside at noon and we've got 8 hours of daylight left--it's going to be hotter than predicted.

Well, what do you know! The heat is unexpected!

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