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#2796: $85 worth of groceries

For one guy and two cats. WTF.

Well, I can say that the largest percentage went towards cat food. Eighteen cans at $0.63 apiece, plus eight cans at $0.50 apiece for the outdoor cat, plus three packs of cat treats. 20% of my grocery bill was cat food.

The rest of it went into various categories: meat, sundries, dairy, Pepsi, vegetables. The problem is I was out of just about everything but toilet paper; I'm down to two pork chops and a couple pounds of chicken, and for beef I've (now) got two lbs of hamburger and a round steak.

Meat--particularly beef--is getting expensive. I'm starting to think about taking up deer hunting just to have a source of meat. Og's offered to teach me how to shoot a bow, for which I don't need a special permit from the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Illnoistan (PDRI). I'd just need to go get a hunting license like any other schmuck.

Heck with that; I'll get me a crossbow. Yeah. A crossbow can put a bolt through plate armor and even a doofus with poor hand-eye coordination like me can hit stuff with one.

I dislike the idea of hunting only because I can go buy meat, but WTF--it's beginning to get the point that I can't afford it--or, at least, that I don't want to pay that damn much--and it seems as if buying a chest freezer and taking a deer or two would end up cheaper in the long run. (Cheaper and tastier.)

Well, assume I get a job that pays around $10 an hour, that's $400 a week full-time before taxes--and I only need about $400 per month to pay the utilities. If you figure about $400 per month for food for me and my kitties--that's how it's been working out, more or less--I ought to be able to survive on that. These are rough numbers but they're in the ballpark. So it's not like it'll be "hunt or starve", anyway.

I really need to rid myself of this tendency to panic.

* * *

Anyway, so the grocery shopping is done for another week or so. I shouldn't have to worry about that for a little while.

I picked up shredded cabbage again with a view to making some variety of yakisoba. Maybe with pork, this time. I don't know.

* * *

Sketchbook and Umi no Misaki both had new chapters posted today. That's encouraging.

* * *

Looking at the Haruhi art book I DLed some time ago, I noticed that everyone in class 1-5 has--at minimum--a last name and a little information about him:

Notice Haruhi and Kyon in the upper right of the image.

Where there's no other information, the little blurb says (at least) what club the person is in. It makes me wish that there was a translation available for this nonsense, because it'd be interesting to know the names and such.

I can't read more than a handful of kanji, though, so I'm stuck making inferences from what I can read. For example, the guy in the upper left corner is in the glee club and the girl immediately to the right of him is in the volleyball club. And I think it also says that she likes the guy, but I'm not entirely sure.

This is how well I can read Japanese which--all things considered--is actually not too damn bad.

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