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#2798: The rest of Saturday

Posting this from Seiren (the laptop) because I'm doing yet another virus scan on the desktop. More and more it's looking like I need to do an overlay on that system--that or just dump everything and start over--because things just ain't working right.

Anyway, after my last post I painted the helmet; I put two coats of black on it and it looks pretty good. I had a gander at it just now and discovered that I didn't hit the bottom edge in back very well, so I'll have to wait two days and apply another coat or two.

I'm thinking about wet-sanding it and then applying a few coats of clear; the primer went on with a kind of eggshell texture I'm not very happy with. (It wouldn't have mattered if I'd bought the stone-like paint. Oh well.) But if I do that I--again--will have to wait two days between coats. You either do it within an hour, or you wait two days for the stuff to cure. Otherwise you risk wrinkles.

That'll be fine, though if I was going to be that freakin' worried about how it looks I should have dome more work on filling the chips. *sigh*

Anyway, it's not-bad as is, and it'll look fine once I get the final coats on and reapply the molding around the rim. Certainly it'll look better than it did before I painted it.

I am getting pictures as I go; there'll be a post with them soon, once I get it done.

* * *

Turns out I can sit up in bed with my back against the pillows and the laptop in my lap (the exact posture I've seen my niece use) and type very comfortably on this thing. You've got to love that--actually using a laptop as a laptop, who could have imagined that?--but for me it's kind of a platonic love.

* * *

I have no idea what that meant.

* * *

It's muggy outside, and it's going to be hot today, and I'm once again blessing Mr. Carrier for inventing modern air conditioning.

I didn't cut the grass on Saturday; I ended up falling asleep and didn't get a dang thing accomplished other than getting the dishes into the dishwasher and pressing the "go" button on that.

* * *

Besides the spray paint, when I went to Ace I made sure to pick up some RJ-45 cable ends. Now if Og ever re-lends me that crimper, I can run the ethernet cable through the attic rather than stringing it down the hallway.

I almost bought the first box of ends I picked up; but then I noticed that there were supposed to be 10 ends in the box, and there were only 8. I grabbed the next box on the peg and it, too, had only 8 ends and was supposed to have 10. The last one on the peg did have 10 ends in it; and just as I was trying to decide what to do about my discovery the "helpful hardware man" came along and asked me if I was finding everything I needed.

"Yes," I said, "but I just found that these boxes are short," and explained what I meant.

"It's weird," he said, examining them, "they don't look like they've been opened or anything."

"I know," I said. "Maybe they weren't filled right at the factory."

...anyway I didn't get shortchanged, and I was able to keep anyone else from getting shorchanged, and that makes me a little happier about all that.

* * *

Once I start eating those Salsa Verde Doritos it becomes very, very difficult to stop. They're so damn tasty.

As I was munching away I recalled the Doritos commericials from the late 1970s (or early 1980s) where that one guy with the big black afro and the handlebar mustache would bite a chip and cause an earthquake or something. It was meant to demonstrate how much crunchier Doritos were than potato chips.

Yeah, I remember the stupidest things.

* * *

I bet with a little searching I could find one of those stupid commercials on YouTube, if I really cared to WASTE MY FREAKIN' TIME....

* * *

The Pepsi MAX I bought last week just evaporated, and so I bought two 6-packs this week. Apparently I like it enough that I can drink it instead of the regular stuff (though I still prefer the regular kind) and not notice that I'm drinking it exclusively.

The only problem with it is that I have to have that stuff cold. When it's at room temperature, it's too obvious that it's diet. Replacing the aspartame with the appropriate amount of sucralose would fix that problem.

Oh well.

* * *

I'm starting to get a serious hankering to watch anime. I haven't watched much since June 11th (just an ep of Yawara! and one of Hen Zemi) so I'm starting to wonder when the withdrawal symptoms will hit.

* * *

Well, there's a lot to do this week, but as long as I make some progress it doesn't matter how quickly it happens. I'm hoping to cut the grass today (Sunday) but we'll see how I do. Right now I've got to go to bed, because it's 4:40 as I type this.

Yeah, bed sounds good.

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