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#2800: Two hundred to go-a-go-go!

EDIT: My public insists on that title. *sigh* Original title: "Two hundred to go!" I hope y'alls are happy now. /EDIT

Hard to believe I'm closing in on the 3,000th Fungus post, here. Man.

Maybe I'll move to another blog service for 3,001, someplace I can have a blogroll down the side and links to common rants (as mentioned in the prior post). And maybe I'll be lazy and do none of that.


* * *

As predicted, it's a warm and muggy night here. Tomorrow's supposed to be the same.

At 9:30 I put my anime on hold and took a walk around town, because it's one of those perfect summer nights. ("Perfect" only if you have AC.) Came back, had a shower, and then continued the anime.

* * *

I made mexican lasagna late Friday night; I've got one serving left now. I hadn't expected to eat it all; I thought I was going to get sick of it and freeze some. But right now I'm planning to get up tomorrow and finish it off.

I've also been thinking about making beef stroganoff again; I'll need to get some relatively inexpensive beef (chuck roast or something) to use for that. That'll be tasty, too.

* * *

The recitation of "Endless Eight" in Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya was exactly one repetition of the story: Kyon describes the last loop in the series. There were a couple of minor bits of new information in it, but nothing earth-shattering. Now it's on to "Day of Saggitarius".

I broke down and loaded volumes 5-9 onto the Aluratek, so I can read the entire rest of the series without much trouble.

* * *

Over the past couple of days I've been running Emwyn through the "Classic WoW" instances. I now have four left--Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Sunken Temple, and Stratholme--but I've run out of moxie and just don't want to bother. At lvl 66 with my tank spec active, I can take out anything those instances have to offer, but I don't get XP for them and I just don't feel like running them solely for the reputation gains.

It just kind of happened that Emwyn's equipment primarily stacks stamina; for the tank spec it ought to be strength first and stamina second--but that huge pile-o'-stam means I can go toe-to-toe with a bunch of 45 elites (which are approximately as tough as 65 normals) and not lose too many hit points in the process. That and the skill that grants something like 4% of my health back when certain conditions are met.

If I were more confident in my tanking skills--that is to say, grabbing and holding aggro--I might just start tanking instances. But I'm not. I have trouble keeping track of multiple targets.

So, I've been giving thought to working on Chenal and Bitsychan, both of whom are languishing in the 40s. Hell, I've taken Emwyn from 35 to 66 in 3 weeks; I ought to be able to do something with my shaman and rogue (respectively), right?

* * *

New desktop wallpaper courtesy of Fairy Tail ep 49, small version:

Still waiting for a really good pic of Erza like that. There's one of her in a bunny girl outfit that's not quite it; well, I'm patient. And I've got about 32 eps left in the series to watch (and it may, in fact, be even more now).

* * *

With my long walk, and cutting the grass, and doing laundry, I'm kind of tired. This is a good thing considering all the crap I want to try to get done tomorrow; so I'm hitting the hay now.

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