atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2819: The brain bucket

I finished it today. Here are the pictures:

First I pulled off the trim around the opening, sanded to give the new paint some texture to grab onto, and tried spot-filling the holes. I tardily took this "before" picture after I'd already sanded the other side of the helmet, but this'll give you some idea of what it looked like:

See, that just screams "1974" to me. After I pulled out that helmet when I took the Suzuki to Sailor V's place, and heard his comments about it, I knew I had to do something. Hence this little project.

Next step was to give it a coat of primer. Yes, I could probably have just sprayed black right onto the thing, but I didn't (at the time) know what the top layer was made of on that thing, and I wanted a nice even base color for the color coat anyway.

It came out looking like an egg, for crying out loud. Naturally the pattern is showing through, but at least it's all one color now.

So once it had cured for a couple of days, I began with the color coat, a basic gloss black.

I mentioned, previously, about how the paint had clouded because I painted when it was too cool outside. Well, I used up the last of the new paint yesterday; and I swore a bit when I saw one small patch of paint that was clouding.

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I grabbed a can of paint from the box-o-rattle-cans, and hit it with some gloss black vintage 1993. Nothing bad happened.

Today, then, I pulled the masking tape off and put the trim back on:

Perfect job? No. While this helmet is perfectly acceptable for protecting my skull and its contents, it's battered enough that I don't think it'd fetch five bucks at a fire sale. I'm not going to put my best effort into restoring it to a perfect, non-chipped, show-car shine.

But it does look pretty good, and a damn sight better than it did.

If I do get into riding motorcycles seriously--getting the license and all that, which I'd like to do--then I'll go get a brand new spiffy helmet anyway. This one is just for protection while I'm riding the Suzuki off-road.

...if I could just have a week where I didn't have fifty thousand other things going on, I could go ahead and get started on that. But with the property tax thing still causing me trouble, and with all the other shit I still have to do, and with my brain playing "how can I have an anxiety attack today?" it seems like the days evaporate without me getting anything done. Add to that the fact that I currently have a mind like a steel seive (as Mom used to say) it's a wonder I remember to wipe my butt after I hit the can!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Maybe I can make that call tomorrow, to find out about riding courses. *sigh*

Anyway, the helmet is done, and it looks nice. Score one for me.

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