atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2820: I just got up to check the weather!

I was laying in bed with the lights out, preparing to try to sleep, when I thought, I wonder if it got any cooler outside?

So I got up, put on clothes and sandals, and went outside, and the answer was no, it was still sticky hot. 79° and a dewpoint of 74°--yuck. I stood at the end of the driveway for a little while watching the heat lighting--thunderstorms off to the north that probably won't get this far south--and then came back inside.

I been feeling kind of depressed for the past few hours. Lonliness, mostly--but also a general feeling of "blah" because I'm kind of stuck in a less-than-good situation right now.

Heck of it is, I know it's not a bad situation. "Bad" would be me not having the money to keep the electricity on, you know? "Bad" would be me living on the street or having to depend on the largesse of others in order not to be living on the street.'s just my anxiety disorder, is all, cranking up because it's dark outside and I'm trying to sleep. WTF.


So as I was coming back into the house, my thoughts turned to the series of vignettes that I worked on and thought to try sending to the publishers of Knights of the Dinner Table. I sat at the computer, intending to check the weather site and see what the radar said; and in fact I ended up going to Kenzerco's web site and checking their submission guidelines, then firing up the e-mail client and beginning work on a proposal, and then remembering I wanted to check the weather.

Long story short: I sent 'em the first nine vignettes (all I've got at the moment) to see what they think of it. I didn't fix much--though I ran it through spellcheck--and now it's up to them to see what they think of it.

It would not be much money; at about 800 words per vignette, it might be as much as $40 per vignette if they bought it. But it would be exposure, and it would be some cash coming in...and it would be a nice boost to my self-esteem, self-confidence, and general mood just when I sorely, sorely need it.

If they don't want it, there are other magazines in which this series would fit nicely. Gamer magazines, or fantasy fiction magazines--so a rejection here wouldn't mean the end of this series' potential.

The first time I sent a submission to these guys, it turned out that it went right to the email in-box of the magazine's originator, Jolly Blackburn, who said "Loved the piece" and bought it. I'd like to think this story is at least as good as that piece was.

We'll see how it goes, I guess--but if they reject it, you know, that'll be the first rejection I ever got from a publisher.

* * *

...of course now I'm probably going to check my e-mail about 40,000 times tomorrow. *sigh*

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