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#2829: Color me surprised; the psycho was NOT a muslim

He was a "Marxist hunter" and a "Knight Templar".

Dear God, what do we do when the Masons start snapping?

His truck bomb killed seven people. That's bad enough. But he was able to amble around Utoya for an hour, shooting whoever he felt like shooting.

(Someone remind me what the gun control laws are like in Norway? Unless I'm mistaken, this atrocity is impossible, because guns aren't legal there. Are they?)

Anyway, the psycho left behind a 1,500-page manifesto; that alone is proof of insanity: if your political views require 1,500 pages to explain, there's something wrong with your head.

Anyway, Ace says--and I agree--that he's going to be labeled "right-wing"; also the media wasted no time in calling him a "fundamentalist Christian" even before any of this was known.

* * *

So it's much cooler outside--back to average temperatures for July in the midwest--and as I was going to the store to get my grocery shopping done I saw this huge cloud to the southeast. It's the back side of a thunderstorm over Indiana.

I stopped and stared at it for a bit before going into the store. How could I not?

As usual, I needed Pepsi; this time instead of buying 24 oz bottles I bought a half-case of Throwback in cans. I also picked up half a case of Mountain Dew "White Out", also in cans; then a six-pack of Pepsi Max. *sigh*

* * *

Vox Day on the whole debt ceiling bullshit. I was going to write "nonsense" there. I have a strong preference for not resorting to profanity; I think that profanity weakens the argument you're making. The problem is, like all of Mankind I am a creature with emotions, and sometimes my emotions call for abandoning the cerebral for the visceral--and in that context, profanity works very well.

Everything that is happening in Washington, D.C. right now in regards to the debt ceiling is utter horseshit. None of this matters. Raise it, leave it, hang frickin' Christmas lights on it--it doesn't make a lick of difference. The problem is that the federal government spends too much goddamned money.

It doesn't amount to a hill of beans what they do with the debt limit if we don't stop spending three million dollars a minute, largely on useless crap that does nothing to alleviate the problems it's supposed to solve.

The Democrats desperately need a government shutdown and they're doing their all to make sure one happens. The Republicans are falling all over themselves to cave on the whole issue because they don't like fiscal discipline one whit more than the Democrats do; they're all in the same club and power in Washington, D.C. is determined by how much money you get to spend. The Republicans just have to cave in such a way that it looks like they tried to make a stand, because their base actually cares about fiscal discipline. (Their base is, after all, the people who actually pay taxes, and don't receive government handouts like the poor and the very rich do.) ("Eh?" You ask. "Did you say 'very rich'?" I did. My example: GE. Enough said.)

The Democrats need a government shutdown in order to not be thoroughly shellacked in 2012, and they know it. They've got to have something to motivate their base to get out and vote half a dozen times each for their candidates; Barack Hussein Obama mm-mm-mm is no longer enough, because everybody's seen how he does things.

The Republicans--so far they've talked a good game and failed to deliver on anything. Even if they somehow outmaneuver the Democrats and get their "cap cut balance" thing in place, spending is going to increase; it always increases. There has not been a single year since God-knows-when that the federal budget actually shrank, not even when the GOP was fully in charge of everything. (And perhaps I ought to say especially when....)

So when I see something about the debt ceiling fight, I usually ignore it, because it's nothing but whitewashing the fence in front of a burning house.

* * *

Incidentally, if you went to public school, everything you were taught about the Crusades is wrong. Just thought you should know.

* * *

Reading the last extant volume of the Haruhi Suzumiya light novels, something happened that annoyed me about the quality of the translation.

Well, that's not exactly correct. All along there have been problems with the ones I downloaded, though--WTF--they're free, so why get upset?

The problem is, if you're going to translate the thing and then put it out there for people to read, don't just say [didn't translate this because I'm lazy] in the middle of a conversation and then provide no context whatsoever for what comes next. (Actual quote, by the way.)

Then there's the scene where the girls (Haruhi, Mikuru, Tsuruya-san, and Yuki) play a game where one person cites the first line or couplet of a poem, and someone has to supply the rest. The "translator" didn't bother even trying to translate the poetry at all, leaving a bunch of brackets saying [poem] [more poem] like that.

I hope the person who is doing these translations didn't go to school for, get a degree in, and is seeking a career in Japanese language. WTF.

But that's not the worst of it. No.

...a new character is introduced in the latest volume, one Sasaki, who is a friend of Kyon's from middle school.

I had read some dozen or so pages when finally it was mentioned that Sasaki was a girl. Prior to that, there was no mention of her sex whatsoever; and the way it read, Sasaki sounded like a guy, so I was wondering why Haruhi was getting all freaked out over the notion that Kyon had had a buddy in junior high; then Koizumi finally uses the magical pronoun ("she") and I thought, Oh, Sasaki is a GIRL! That's why! She's jealous! *sigh*

Bad writing, dude.

The story is building up quite a major confrontation, it seems. In the prior volume some antagonists were introduced; in this one, they've all grouped together around Sasaki. Everyone in the SOS Brigade has an opposite number in Sasaki's group. This ought to be quite entertaining.

* * *

Speaking of light novels, I saw over on BakaBT that there's a pending torrent for the entirety of To Aru Majutsu no Index.

It's only 24 books.

I'm with you, Kimura sensei.

That bein' the case, I guess it means there'll be To Aru... anime for as long as it remains popular. Which, you know, can be quite a long time in Japan; recall please how many eps of the variants of Dragon Ball there ended up being. (I think it was 300.) And there were about 200 eps of Urusei Yatsura. And....

* * *

One of my fantasies is about my SF becoming so popular in Japan that it ends up animated. Oh, Lord....

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