atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2832: That's it; we're boned!

Over at Og's cave he discusses the debt ceiling issue more succinctly than I do, and--surprisingly!--with fewer cuss words.

My comment at that post came to me from the first ep of Futurama, and when I do my bad Bender impersonation that's the phrase I use: a slurred, "That's it; we're boned!"

Somewhere around the bunker is a dictionary I got from a dollar store, and it's got a lot of definitions packed into a tight space. It doesn't bother with pronunciation other than in a perfunctory way, and the usual things that dictionaries do with numbering definitions and such--right out the window.

If you look up "boned" in this dictionary, you find a definition which marvelously pithy. It manages to capture both conventional meanings of "boned" in one simple sentence:
Having bones; deprived of bones.
An animal with bones is said to be boned; animal meat which has had its bones removed is said to be boned. It's up to the user of the dictionary to figure out which meaning he's trying to figure out, but if he has any brains at all he can probably ascertain which part of that definition applies to his situation.

Being an abridged dictionary, the meaning of "boned" as in "screwed, blued, and tattooed" is not in there. Well--it was a $1 dictionary, after all.

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