atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2834: Glazing!

That's what I get to do tomorrow! I get to replace a window!

Fortunately it's a small one.

How it happened was this way:

I had a bunch of stuff to do this afternoon, as previously noted. I went to the bank; and before leaving for the bank I thought, Write out that letter of direction for [other bank] so I can get my money from them, and take it with, so I can get it notarized! So I sat back at the computer and brought it out of power save, and wrote a simple letter, and printed it; then left for the bank after putting everything back to sleep.

The bank took longer than I'd hoped, but not really longer than expected, because I was doing so many things. Everything was completed satisfactorily, so I came home and set out to cut the grass; it was 4:30.

The grass took about as much time as it normally does. By the time I'd finished and put everything away, it was 5:15.

I sat down and read the relevant Bible passages and the lesson in the book, and gave thought to the exercises, but didn't write anything down in my journal (bad me). You're supposed to do one exercise per day, but I haven't been doing that, mainly because I'm stupid and I procrastinate too much.

Anyway so I go and take a shower, eat dinner, get ready to go; get out on the front porch and close the door behind me--



But it's ten of seven and I can just walk there in that time; it's not that far and I can drive it in about eighty seconds at the speed limit. Ten minutes on foot? No problem. I arrived, in fact, a couple of minutes early.

Good session; and afterwards I had three people offer to give me a lift.

So I got a ride over to my aunt and uncle's place, thinking, WTF, I'll borrow their key and return it tomorrow.

"We don't have it!" My uncle told me. "Your sister has it."

...the one in Louisiana, who has utterly no use whatsoever for that key 99% of the time, has it.


Try the usual things here at the bunker which used to work to get in, but remember we've got almost all new windows vintage circa 2008; and my old emergency entrance has been fixed.

No key, no entry. This is fine most of the time.

Faced with that, I had a look at the front door. The windows need new glazing, so I pull out my pen and start chipping away at the hardened and dried putty.

The guy who gave me a ride, by the way, is one of the village trustees; I wasn't worried about cops. Even if one came by and saw this activity, the trustee could say, "It's all right, he's with me."

Heh. Connections.

I realized that I needed something sturdier than a plastic ballpoint pen and a credit card; he left and came back with tools. After spending about 5-10 minutes trying to dig out all the dried putty and glazing compound, I made a nice fisheye crack in the glass.

"Might as well go this route, if you want," he said, proffering a rubber mallet.

Broke the window in, unlocked the door, got in. *sigh*

So tomorrow I get to go buy some glass, and some glazing compound, and replace the window I had to break.

AND a new spare key for my uncle to hang onto. *sigh*

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