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#2835: Glazing! (Part 2)

IN our last episode, I had to bust a window in order to get back into the bunker.

Early this afternoon, I hied myself to True Value, it being the one hardware store in the immediate vicinity which, I was confident, could sell me a chunk of glass cut to the right size.

I got out of there for less than $10. Okay, that includes a pane of glass (12 1/8 x 7), a box of glazing points, a small can of glazing putty, and a


$10 and about 40 minutes' work in the blazing freakin' sun, and the window is in. It would have taken me less time if I had known WTF I was doing and didn't have to teach myself as I went.

Actually, most of the time I spent was just cleaning old, hardened putty off the frame. The new putty refused to stick and I was having trouble making it look pretty; that consumed most of the time it took for me to put the putty in place.

Kind of puts the whole "locksmith" idea in perspective, doesn't it? $100+ versus $10 and an hour of sweating?

* * *

This little job will give me some confidence to re-putty all the windows around the front door WHEN IT IS COOLER OUTSIDE; they all need it.

* * *

I can't help but laugh at this. The "Anonymous" morons at 4Chan think they're safe from being caught because "I'm behind six proxies!" but the simple fact is that your packets have to get to your computer somehow, and adding proxies makes it harder to track your sorry ass down, but not impossible.

Your on-line anonymity is illusory; anyone who really, really wants to find you can.

* * *

Earth's first trojan asteroid! It oscillates between L4 and L3, taking about 400 years to make the complete cycle. Right now it's around the L4 point and is just starting to wind its way back to L3.

* * *

Need a job? Too bad! Got a job? Welcome aboard! Because so many people are unemployed right now, employers can pick and choose who they want to hire. It's a buyer's market and the unemployed are sellers, not buyers.

* * *

"Who Is Killing Iran's Nuclear Scientists?" I'm betting "Mossad". Israel doesn't have the luxury of being squeamish about playing hardball with its enemies.

* * *

Teacher smokes meth with principal of school. What really bothers me is this paragraph:
Teacher Jack Turley faces charges of manufacturing meth and procuring Sudafed for making meth. Principal Keith Phipps faces charges of purchasing over the legal limit of Sudafed.
Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is an over-the-counter drug. "Procuring Sudafed for making meth" imputes a motive, and I do not like any law which is based on mind-reading.

That's why I heartily dislike charges which are stated "X with intent to Y" because there are very, very few situations in which you can actually make the case with physical facts that so-and-so actually was doing X with intent to do Y.

* * *

A few days ago I used the word "boned" in a comment to describe our economic situation, and now it seems like everyone is using it.

* * *

We need $4,000 billion in real deficit reduction right now if we're going to avoid a serious economic meltdown. Cutting $4,000 billion--real cuts, not Washington, D.C. "reductions in growth" cuts--will put a rather serious divot in GDP, but it only gets worse the longer we "extend and pretend".

Same source: GE makes a critical error by moving their medical imaging division to China: the end this will kill GE's medical imaging division. GE had better pay attention to what happened to Fellowes - the paper shredder manufacturer. They moved their manufacturing under a "joint venture" view of the world - the Chinese stole their technology and ultimately effectively stole the tooling and factory too!
Oh, of course GE is different, right? Or maybe Fellowes stopped bribing the right people, or something?

* * *

Holy shit emphasis mine:
...President Obama has already hocked the farm and sold the kids. With breathtaking contempt for the liberal wing of his own party, he has offered to put the sacrosanct remnant of the New Deal safety net on the auction block to appease a hypothetical "center" and win reelection at any price. (Dick Nixon, old socialist, where are you now that we need you?)
This editorial is clearly penned by a liberal--he blames the impending economic wreck on the "tea party Republicans"--yet there he is pining for the return of Richard Nixon over a continued Obama Presidency.

Can anyone get me the temperature of Hell?

* * *

As for here, it was blissfully cool last night. I had the bunker open and slept like a log. When I got up this morning to feed the cats I closed up because the incoming air felt sticky. Thermostat went to 79° and it feels fine in here about seven hours later, and I don't think the AC has been running all that much, either.

I had a run through the anime playlist last night:
Hen Zemi
Dragon Crisis
To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Fairy Tail
Hen Zemi is...uh. Yeah. Well, it's not bad, but to be honest I don't know what to think of it.

Dragon Crisis is nothing special but it's still kind of entertaining.

Fractale looks like a Studio Ghibli production; it's gorgeous, and has a very interesting story.

To Aru Majutsu no Index II: I watched ep 4 last night, and the way it ends--jaw-dropping in an unpleasant way, because...well, it's a spoiler for me to say; if I even give a general hint about it, the second the scene comes up you'll know what's happening and lose the "WTF are they doing?" reaction.

After all, why should you have warning when I didn't?

The portrayal of the Roman Catholic church in this series is considerably less than complimentary. Given that the author's exposure to Catholicism is likely entirely from Hollywood and the popular press, I suppose it's not all that surprising. Also, while it's always technically possible that there could be hyper-secret organizations within the church which arm nuns and teach them the fine art of melee combat with swords and pikes and magic, I don't know how likely it is.

Someone who knew much of anything real about Catholicism would probably have made these people members of a secret society rather than actual nuns, or at least would have made it plain that this was some radical offshoot of the church rather than something mainstream.

(But it makes for a bunch of scenes where very pretty young nuns, in habit, are fighting with bigass swords. Got to keep the otaku happy! It's kind of funny, actually.)

I got two excellent pics of Lucy from ep 50 of Fairy Tail; here they are in miniature.

Natsu has asked Lucy to meet him in the park at a certain time of evening. Thanks to Mirajane's prattle about relationships, Lucy thinks Natsu is going to confess to her, so she's dressed up extra-cute:

Earlier in the ep, right after Mirajane has filled Lucy's head with nonsense, Natsu hails her; Lucy is embarassed:

MOE MOE KYOON! (Pronounced "moh-eh moh-eh kyohhn".)

Ep 61 of Yawara! was pretty good, and I was laughing quite a bit. I can't blame Hanazono for getting explosive nosebleeds, I really can't, not with "Marilyn" almost falling out of her gi all the damn time.

* * *

Oh great: the preview button is broken. LJ has been screwed up for several days now. Well, at least I can post, right?


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