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#2841: There is nothing new under the sun.

Not today, anyway. It's hot outside. The bunker is being cooled to 79°. I stayed up far too late playing WoW and didn't get to bed until 8 AM, and I barely got four hours of sleep before hydraulic pressure (both positive and negative) woke me up. *sigh*

79° seems to be the upper limit for comfort in here. If I have it at 80°, it just gets too dang warm. Not the "OMG it's so damn hot!" level; just warm enough to be at the "I can't freakin' SLEEP" level. Because it's not hot--just warm enough to be uncomfortable--instead of feeling justified in turning the thermostat to a lower setting, I feel like I'm running the AC too much because I'm not suffering enough. (To make it worse, when I lay in front of the fan, it's just my legs and feet that are too warm and keeping me awake, and no amount of fan-finagling seems to fix the problem.)

In an earlier post I complained about the temperature hysteresis in the therostat; but I'm having problems with my own temperature hysteresis: 80 is too hot, 79 is too cool. I just need to remind myself that 79° is hot compared to where the bunker's thermostat was set in past summers. And in fact there are significant periods where the AC isn't running, even on the hotter days, so theoretically I should not be spending a shitton of money on keeping this place cool.


* * *

In the "Anime, WTF?" department, I just finished torrenting eps 20 and 21 of Mizuiro Jidai.

I saw eps 1-12 back in the days when I had to order videotapes from fansub distributors and send money orders for $6 per tape of four episodes, then eagerly await the arrival of the padded manila envelopes full of tapes. I had heard there were more eps of this series, a handful more, but the quality was pretty bad even on the DVD release, so no one was doing them.

Now, suddenly, there are at least 21? I thought it was like 16 or 18. Every time the guys doing the digisubs release a new ep or two, I'm surprised.

Meanwhile it's been a few weeks since a new ep of Yawara! has been released. I hate that; all the eps are available as raws, and when the release schedule is spotty it usually means something's wrong and I'm going to be waiting even longer to see more.

There are 124 eps; I've now seen exactly half of them: 62. In 12 years.

If somebody--anybody!--had simply released one ep per month since 1999, we'd be done by now. That's how long it's been.

* * *

The OP for Fractale, which I highly recommend.

Thanks to Dead Man Dance I have the following two songs by Yello also stuck in my brain:

For all three, I recommend that you close your eyes and listen rather than watch the videos. In the latter two cases, your brain will go into psychomotor overload and your head will explode; in the first case it's just a still image with a text overlay which never changes.

Whoever encoded "Planet Dada" had a shitty MP3 codec, because the audio is in mono. No, I don't get it either. "Rubberband Man", at least, is in stereo.

Ripping the audio from "What U Hear", running the volume sliders at max, it--as usual--comes out far too quiet when I try to play it back, so I had to use the audio editor first to normalize the volume, and then amplify it from there. Even though "what I hear" while the YouTube video is playing is incredibly loud, far louder than I like it most of the time. (Yes, I checked my mixer settings. Yes, the sliders are all the way up.)

But I'm used to this, and it's not really a problem. It's gotten to the point that it takes longer to load and save the song than it does for me to do the audio processing.

Besides the songs by Yello, I found this:

This is "Octofunk" by the Green Nuns of the Revolution. Whoever capped this one ran a WinAmp visualizer and recorded it, which at least is better than a static image of the album cover. I first heard GNotR's "Rock Bitch" on the MTV program AMP some 11 years ago, and digitized it from my videotapes of that show in 2005-ish.

Here's a grainy video of that song:

All told, it's looking like an ambient fest over here. I'm outta control.

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