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#2843: Kyarii Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON

'Cause I can read hiragana!!!

Various people:


Shermlock, who found it.

Weerd, which is where I learned of it.

That first link, Tam says in a comment, "I swear to Vishnu, at one point she farted a rainbow. I'm surprised Barry didn't make her SecTreas when that happened."

That ain't a rainbow. She looks happy, though; then again if I had that rumbling around in my colon I'd be glad to let it out, too.

Anyway, so everyone is saying things like "ZOMG Japan is weird!" and "ONOES TEH LSD FLAZHBACKS!" and such. All the comments I've seen about this are all in that vein, more or less.


If you think this is weird, if you think this is bad, you have not yet experienced the true horror of Japan. any case, this is an extremely kawaii girl and a very fuwafuwa song, even if the video is kowai rather than kawaii.

(Cute, fluffy, scary, cute.)

* * *

Another busybody group is saying that hot dogs are as bad for you as cigarettes. There's nothing in the article about secondhand--or third-hand--nitrates, though.

How can something be as bad as a cigarette if it doesn't devastate a two-kilometer radius the way a single lit cigarette does?

And then there's this:
But the [Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine] isn't just a group of doctors. They've got an openly pro-vegan agenda. Which isn't wrong.
Trust me: it's wrong. It's very, very wrong.

The article is highly skeptical of these wingnuts even while it preaches the party line about salt causing heart disease. *whimper*

* * *

Here at Ace of Spades HQ is a bit more DOOM! first talking about how MSNBC is the first mainstream media outlet to say, "Uh...double-dip going on?" and then proceeding to say that productivity and production are both in the crapper.

* * *

The second image in This Wonderduck F1 post shows an exploding nitrogen bottle. The nitrogen is used to actuate the variable cams in the engine.

The car caught fire, and was hosed down, and when a safety official hit the other, more-burned part of the car with some water to cool it down, the extremely hot aluminum nitrogen bottle blew.

The nice thing about aluminum is that most alloys of it tear rather than fragment. If that had been a steel bottle, the guy would have been in the hospital getting surgery rather than picking carbon fiber out of his legs and applying band-aids. You can still get hurt when you're next to an aluminum pressure bottle that blows out, but usually it'll be because of the contents rather than the bottle itself.

Aluminum! It's good stuff!

* * *

When I went shopping on Saturday, I actually got out of the store for less than $40, which is pretty hard to manage. But I only needed a few things, and didn't have to replenish cat supplies (for once) so that's how I did it.

I did buy a 24-pack of popsicles, but it was $1, and I only got it because my taste buds were trying to convince me to buy a key lime pie because cool and lime and tasty!

Don't get me wrong; I love key lime pie. I could buy one and sit down and eat that damn thing until I was full to bursting, put the rest in the freezer, and come back later and finish it.

That's the problem.

I'm not being terribly draconian about maintaining any specific diet, but I am trying to reduce my caloric intake, mostly on the carbohydrate side. An entire key lime pie is just right out.

And it would be the whole thing, over the course of perhaps a week (if I was lucky it would take that long). I don't need an entire key lime pie. The grocery store also stocks it by the slice; but I don't need that either.

So I bought the box of popsicles solely for the lime ones. It was cheaper than even a single slice of pie would have been, and you know I'm just going to eat all the popsicles anyway. I'll just have to limit myself to one or two per day.

I'm not turning into a carbohydrate nazi, either, and eliminating them from my diet entirely. I just want to reduce the intake to sane levels, you know, and give my pancreas a rest. That's why I jumped on Pepsi Max as soon as I discovered it tasted halfway decent; if I can wean myself off fizzy sugar water (and substitute fizzy aspartame water or, y'know, just water) it will help considerably.

* * *

Pon pon way way way....

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